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Noisy post hardcore act SANDER COHEN revisits various glorious moments in heavy music with great debut EP, listen!

SANDER COHEN are a noisy alt-metal/post-hardcore quartet from Kent, UK who justifiably wear rose-tinted glasses looking back at the late ’90s – early ’00s boom of bands making heavy sounds that were much cooler than the nu-metal crowd, but not quite as punishing as the extreme metal lot. Sander Cohen take the influences of seminal bands such as Will Haven, Deftones and Raging Speedhorn and inject that sound with a modern boot up the arse. The results are so wild and unhinged that of course HalfMeltedBrain Records have leapt at the chance to release their debut EP on CD and Digital formats on October 2nd 2020. Today, we’re giving you an early listen of the full record above! Dig it!

A quick glance at the tracklist and you might think titles like ‘Mommy!!! What’s Wrong With That Man’s Face?’ and ‘Family Friendly Porno’ are a bit goofy, but Channelling Hank is actually a record of twisted, dark humour that has an undercurrent of personal reflection hidden beneath the surface. Across the EP, Sander Cohen hold a mirror up to our fucked up society, whilst also reflecting on their own faults, challenging self-destructive behaviours and the negative effects that they can have on ourselves and the people around us.

Musically, Channelling Hank embodies these feelings brilliantly, with their explosive, noisy and chaotic riff-heavy alternative metal sounding as conflicted and crazed as our own troubled minds.

FFO: Deftones, Will Haven, Glassjaw, Nirvana, Reuben, Raging Speedhorn.

Sander Cohen!

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Charlie Creese at Magpie Studios. Artwork by Lee Morrison. / SANDER COHEN are: Lee Morrison – Vocals and guitar, Adam Smart – Guitar, Loz Smith – Drums, Dan Smith – Bass

“Much more personal than the seemingly silly title suggests, it’s a powerful track that hints at grand things ahead for this exciting band.” ~ Astral Noize

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