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NORMA JEAN pops up with new video for “Landslide Defeater”

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Metalcore vets NORMA JEAN have released a video for “Landslide Defeater,” taken from their 2019 album, All Hail. The video was created by Kevin Johnson and can be watched above.

A 20th anniversary edition of Norma Jean‘s 2002 debut album “Bless The Martyr & Kiss The Child” was recently released on Solid State Records.


It’s like I said. You won’t believe what I’ve done. You won’t believe what I’ve done.
You won’t feel it bite down, the black tusk into the chest or the teeth that it left in the wound.
Amputate. You brought this on yourself. You brought this on yourself. So bring me the feast that I already consumed. The paradox rejected. I care for nothing new. I care for nothing.
Cursed is the land in need of heroes for liars. It’s all coming down. It’s like you said, It’s like you said “Woe to you”. I heard the lie that told a deeper truth and rendered conversations useless. It’s like I said, it’s like I said ”Woe to you”, just like I said.
​Forever without end, none of you seem to understand. I’m not buried with you. I’m not buried with you. It’s you buried down here with me. Burned is that fear that is burned.
Cover your hands (your hands) so the world won’t burn so bad.
Cover your head (your head) so the world won’t feel so cold.
Break the world in half so the ground won’t shake so hard.
Pulverizing. Forever without end.

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