ALL FOR NOTHING 2015 European dates! [UPDATE]

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Join ALL FOR NOTHING in their high energetic hardcore crusade on the following stops.

The band has recently wrapped up their Persistence tour with WALLS OF JERICHO, IGNITE, and more amazing bands.

On the road since the mid 00’s, ALL FOR NOTHING has become a landmark in todays HC scene. Averse to any temporary fashionable trends and hypes, ALL FOR NOTHING does what they do best: fast and grooving melodic hardcore with passionate lyrics. ALL FOR NOTHING’s trademark are honest, to-the-point songs to vent their views and frustrations on personal and global issues. After the successful albums “Miles & Memories” (2009) and “To Live And Die For” (2012), which brought them numerous headline and support shows across European and Asian venues and festivals, ALL FOR NOTHING is set with “What Lies Within Us” for the next level and ready to take their music around the globe in the years to come. As usual with their heart on their sleeves, energetic sound, rife with sing-along choruses and anthems galore whilst oozing a positive vibe that will no doubt induce circle-pits and stage dives. New boundaries will be explored and crossed.

ALL FOR NOTHING upcoming dates:

30.10. Köln – Sonic Ballroom (Germany)
02.11. Hamburg – Headcrash (Germany)
03.11. Dresden – Chemiefabrik (Germany)
04.11. Prag – Modra Vopice (Czech Republic)
05.11. Berchtesgaden – Kuckucksnest (Germany)
06.11. Waldkirchen – AJZ Dorftrottel (Germany)
07.11. Kassel – Scream Fest (Germany)
13.11. Lyon – Warm Audio (France)
14.11. Valentigney – Rumblers Car Club (France) NEW
27.11. Lille – El Diablo (France) + GONE TO WASTE
28.11. Rennes – Superbowl of Hardcore (France)

Previous dates this year:

03.04. Sittard – Volt (Netherlands)
25.04. Bausendorf Olkenbach – Rietz Indoor Fest (Germany)
08.05. Potsdam – Pogo im Mai @ Archiv (Germany)
09.05. Neukirch/Lausitz – Jugendhaus (Germany) + RISK IT!
15.05. Mannheim – Noisefest Open Air (Germany)
16.05. Schwäbisch-Hall – Club Alpha (Germany)
12.06. Jena – Rosenkeller (Germany) + IN CIRCLES
08.08. Villmar – Tells Bells (Germany)
16.08. Ieper – Ieper Fest (Belgium)
04.09. Osnabrück – Bastard Club (Germany)
05.09. Primstal – Primsrock Open Air (Germany)
18.09. Tilburg – Incubate Festival (Netherlands)
19.09. Magdeburg – Knast (Germany)

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