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NSFW: Bergen thrashin’ old school metal punks SVARTPØNK teasing new album with ugly new video “Brune Auge”

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SVARTPØNK, the second album from Bergen, Norway based DRITTMASKIN, is an advancement of what DRITTMASKIN started on their first album, ‘Sosial Prolaps’: the head-on clash between old-school thrash and death, crust and d-beat punk, and Norwegian first and second wave black metal. The result is 12 tracks of intense rage, a madman’s poetry spanning the width of everything true in metal and punk.

Crashing through topics such as media criticism, plague, geriatric orgy fantasies, eating your colleagues, suicide, binge-drinking, preferences in tobacco, urine-drinking, and antitheism, the bands’ necro-screaming leader – Grindadrap – once again does his utmost to feverishly deliver a fresh language with their clear Drittmaskin signature. Today, we’re giving you a good example of that, through the band’s ugly, disturbing and vicious new music video for the song “Brune Auge”.

After a completely failed first album entitled Sosial Prolaps comprising a conglomerate of half-assed punk and metal with a vocalist parading an intensely frustrated series of screams, DRITTMASKIN fails to fit in anywhere.

Spreading a constantly on-going and poorly aimed disgust for phony and out-dated punks, blaspheming and attempting provocation of rigid metal heroes and elitists, DRITTMASKIN also promotes a boisterous and somewhat giddy catharsis founded on absurdly remote lyrics for the typical metal and punk nerd. Fuelled by a disgust of the Norwegian scene the band attempted to ruin and distress the scene in the Norwegian Capitol, but embarrasingly failed and returned to Bergen swearing to not resurface until a new batch of songs were ready.

The band centers around the song-writing of the two founders, Grindadrap and Avstralpithecvs. The original drummer Snöfökk left the band on undisclosed reasons after the release of their debut album, and was replaced by Kvit Fosför. Guitarist Ardipithecvs and bassist Sorte Död still endures the manic and frenetic reign of the two remaining founders.


The recording process for the new album, lead by the bands’ guitarist, Avstralopithecvs, took place in their studio on the docks in Bergen, Norway where they wrote and recorded the entire record from May to December 2019.

The album also introduces their new secret weapon – new drummer, Kvit Fosfor – that enables the band to display more clearly the bands’ ability to further the legacy of bands such as early Sepultura, the Exploited, Poison Idea, Taake, Aura Noir, Sadus, early Death, Germbomb, Midnight, Spy, Gulch, Immortal and Darkthrone.

“The wide spectrum of raving wild and mad music – such as Germbomb, Aphex Twin, Igorrr, Aura Noir, Poison Idea, S.O.D., and Darkthrone – has always had a strong pull on me, and when working together with Grindadrap I get a feeling that we have a unique take everything ranging from old school hardcore punk and thrash to black metal.”  comments the band’s founder, guitarist, producer and songwriter Avstralopithecvs.

“You know. Like we have a mission. That we just might have something slightly new to say. I’m so fed up with the unimaginative run-of-mill visual and lyrical imagery many bands serve, and I hope that Drittmaskin can at least give a slight variation to people in need of pure and raw savagery.”

Adds Grindadrap (band-founder, lyricist, and vocalist): “I just want to say the opposite of everyone else, and piss everyone off. I truly, truly despise the entire Norwegian Punk and Metal Scene. Ever since the early 90s, it has mostly consisted of either purebred poseurs or just low-brow lazy students of atmosphere and clothing. My mission is to enrage and to let everything go.”

“None of us ever feels at home anywhere. We never have. I guess we’re not that sociable. But we do somewhat enjoy the community between us as a band – mocking and cursing every active band in the scene… Those spineless, aimless, bloodless, fearful know-it-alls.”

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