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NUCLEAR MOMS – “Dad’s Garage” video

The heroes of one of the most insightful IDIOTEQ features this year, NUCLEAR MOMS, are back with a new tune and music video! The song is called “Dad’s Garage” and it provides a serious dose of raw eruptions and noisy rumbling. Let’s hope the full LP will make them fast becoming a talked about band in the undeground music scene. It’s slowly getting to be well deserved.


I feel it riding up my spine
On the pavement with an urge for friction and,
A smooth attraction
I feel it riding up my spine
This is my racehorse
And your reaction to it, your reaction to it
I see it crawling up your spine

You’ve got that cold sweat
Are you diseased yet? Just check the blankets
I took the back door
Covered in grease and feeling…destructive

I am lifeless but now I feel it shooting up my spine
Murder me, make love to me
It’s all the same thing

Wanna play it over and over again? Use the player below!

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