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NYC mathy emo act FAKE POLLOCKS teasing new EP with great new single “Fake Blood”

A little over 6 months since their debut double single “Arm & Argument, NYC based math rock infused emo act Fake Pollocks are back with their brand new single “Fake Blood”! The quality track teases their new 4-track EP dubbed The Flashlight.

Fake Pollocks is the collaboration of philanthropist Nathan Sherman (Floral, Graveborn) and common dish-monkey Ty Mayer (JLS Middle School 6th Grade Band). Their debut EP โ€“ entitled โ€˜The Flashlight EPโ€™ ยญโ€“ has been carefully reviewed by the appropriate federal agencies, and it has been determined that little to no harm is likely to occur as a result of listening to it at the recommended decibel levels

The Flashlight EP is a self release, and will be available in full on March 31.

NYC mathy emo act FAKE POLLOCKS

Fake Pollocks bring in an interesting, very organic sounding and refreshingly hooky blend of emo, math rock and post-punk.

With an impressive instrumentation and clear-cut production fitting the style, Fake Pollocks stirs up memories of underground indie emo artists who remain largely undiscovered, lending an air of wistfulness to their sound, but also bring to mind bands like early Bloc Party or Futureheads.

Their attention to detail is evident, and the band evokes a sense of nostalgia, while also incorporating their own style. What a great listen.

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