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NYC power pop punk rockers THE DEATH SET share new video for “No Where Is Here”!

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Today, Australian-bred and NYC-based punk band THE DEATH SET release the single and video for “No Where Is Here” from their upcoming LP, How To Tune A Parrot, out this September 10 through COBRASIDE/BEHEMOTH (US) / THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS (EU) / NIW! (JPN). The band is prepped and ready to reignite the hell-bent energy of their once-famous warehouse shows. Watch above and share the positive vibes with your friends!

“”No Where is Here” is a response to the feeling that you have nowhere to go.” – comments he band. “Remembering that no matter how fucked up the situation or head space is that I gotta start digging my way out, starting right here.”

“The video is a nostalgic look at the NYC DIY scene from 2006-2010. Show documenter Torsten Meyer gifted me with hours of old footage and it had to be made into something special.”\

The band’s previous single and music video “Elephant” was released in early August:

Directed and edited by The Death Set’s Johnny Siera, the video for “Elephant” is a satirical exploration of his brain’s twisted desire to self-sabotage after seven years of sobriety, meditation and a plethora of self-care routines. With nods to favorite films such as Wild Strawberries, Blue Velvet and Psycho, “Elephant” is a glimpse into The Death Set’s absurdist world that when you scratch a little deeper presents a dark, introspective stream of consciousness.

The Death Set

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from those weirdos, The Death Set; their last full length came out in 2011. Ten years ago times were the opposite of quiet for these romper-stompers, with festival appearances all over the world, songs on soundtracks, video game features, two full-lengths on Ninja Tune’s Counter Records, a release on Steve Aokis’ Dim Mak label plus a support for The Beatsteaks arena tour.

A decade later, Dan and Johnny unleash “How To Tune A Parrot,“ and it’s a real rager. As the mighty DZ Deathrays say: “It’s as close as you can get to taking amphetamines audibly.”

But pure punk rock? Nah, it’s not so easy with The Death Set. Is it Electro, Noise, Punk or Artsy fartsy shit? You better go watch a show of these maniacs, then you’ll have your answer: it’s 102% supernatural, high-energy power, complete with mosh pits, dives, jives and hi-fives.

The Death Set

Some praise from the press:

“Has the maximum-impact intensity of the young Henry Rollins in Black Flag or like an Iggy Pop for the era of samples and laptops. Worldwide is an extraordinary offering. The Death Ser are a quixotic, perfect pop thrill.” The Guardian

“A relentless racket but of the highest order. Gleefully ballistic, a riot of chants, distortion and oddball samples.” Q

“If the Cheerleading squad from a young offenders institute entered a beer bong-athon with Black Flag and Best Fwends, it’d still sound reserved compared to this lot.” NME

“This B–More combo have turned in a great debut packed to the rafters with potential singles. Could quite easily be the lo-fi album of the year.” Stool Pigeon

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“Loud, abrasive and sickly fun, Black Flag for a new generation ” Artrocker

“Sublime pop-punk brevity from Baltimore” Sunday Times

“If Crystal Castles had a sense of humour to go with those brooding electro beats, they might sound like the… motherfuckin’ Death Set.” NME

“They make the Libertines look like Dire Straits… Original, entertaining and fun.” Vice
“Infectious.” Time Out

“This album is fun. If it were any more fun they’d make a law against it.” Plan B

“Punk rock that manages to be both abrasive and fun. A non stop, fun-fuelled riot of a record.” Kerrang

“The Death Set blast out of Baltimore, and onto your stereo, if your any fun.” Drowned in Sound
“Has the momentum to engulf dancefloors the world over.” Kruger

“Quite literally a blast. A twenty first century update of hardcore. The Death Set blast through their material as if they can hear the police sirens in the distance coming to close their party down.” Clash

“Make Go! Team sound like massage music. The Mother Fucking Death Set, indeed.” 247

“Synthesizing electro-pop and breakneck rock, this delirious band is everything punk should be–and a lot of things punk could be.” — Nick Marino, Paste

“. . . the Death Set rock out a la Looney Tunes- maniacal, colorful and giddy.” — Spencer Kornhaber, SPIN

“. . . grabs punk nostalgia by the shoulders and pulls it back into the pit.” — SPIN on “Negative Thinking” video (Must-See Videos)

“. . . they steamroll over synth pop and its more experimental brethren, demolish the first generation U.K. punk bands and many of their off-spring, take an axe to art-punk, lay waste to the new wave, and ravish the New Romantics.” — Jo-Ann Green, All Music Guide

“. . .a curiously enraptured transmission from the Apocalypse, while the nervy synth-shuffle of “Superzero” imagines Giorgio Moroder meeting Fad Gadget over six pots of coffee.” — Todd Lavoie, SF Bay Guardian

“Between the limb-twisting throwdowns and the sing-along fist-pumpers, Worldwide has enough attitude to reawaken your long-lost inner punk — or at least make you wish he hadn’t sold out so soon.” — Andrew Phillips, Earplug
“The thrashers on the Death Set’s debut LP, Worldwide, hold up as well at a party as they do in the pit.” — Andrew Phillips, Earplug

“. . . a compelling, pummeling danceable anthem.” — Paperthinwalls

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