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OBITUARY members talk about their new album

OBITUARY guitarist Trevor Peres and bassist Terry Butler were interviewed by Brazil’s Radio Evil on April 14, 2012, the same day they their concert at Hangar 110 in São Paulo, Brazil took place. You can stream the 30-minute chat below.

Asked in the interview about the band’s new record, Peres replied:

It’s pure Obituary, you know. It’s what every fan would expect from us — fast, slow, in between, brutal… [vocalist] John Tardy going [imitating growling sound].

We’re actually in the middle of writing new stuff now. We’ve been, actually, writing for probably a year. We’ve got a bunch of songs. When we get home from this trip [to South America], we’re gonna record three songs, and we’re probably gonna release a seven-inch [containing] two songs, and then one song is probably gonna be digital release only, through our web site. We’re talking to Century Media about possibly doing a deal with them. That’s still in the works. Hopefully by the end of the year we’ll have the full-length album out.

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