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ALL FOR NOTHING interviewed by In Effect Hardcore magazine

ALL FOR NOTHING was interviewed by In Effect Hardcore magazine.

Holland’s All For Nothing have been around for about 10 years now and just released their new album “To Live And Die For” about a month ago on GSR Music. The thing I love about this band is that they seem to have a grind it out attitude, taking on any show at any time. No venue seems to be too big or too small and giving back to the fans seems to be their top priority. A text book example of what DIY Hardcore is all about. This interview was done with Ernst (guitar and founding member) and Cindy (vocals) in early April 2012. Make sure to check out the videos at the end of the interview with 3 songs off of their new album.

Go here to read the rest of the feature.

“Dead to Me” & “Twisted Tongues” video:

Photo by Holding.The.Moment.

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