O’BROTHER announce a new EP

O’BROTHER have announced that they will be releasing a new EP called “Base Window” on Triple Crown Records. It will be released digitally September 18th and include a bonus track not on the vinyl release, while a vinyl version will be released October 30th.

The EP is a bit of a sonic departure for the band, stripping down and re-arranging a few of their favorites from their debut full length “Garden Window“. Vocalist Tanner Merritt comments:

It’s a lot of fun to strip a song down to its very core and see how it holds its own based upon sheer songwriting. With so much volume and layering it’s very easy to lose those things. It’s fun and c”allenging to take a song and mold it in to something completely different. Give it a new tone and demeanor. That’s what our intention was with this EP, to (hopefully) allow ourselves and others to see these songs in a different light.

Track Listing:
1. Lo
2. Machines Pt. 1
3. Lay Down
4. Malum
5. Poison!

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