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OCEANS END blend melodic post hardcore with pop punk and edgy rock in new single “Diverge Collide”

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Exploring a sound somewhere between Equal Vision style post hardcore and upbeat pop punk, Oceans End is an aggressive rock band from Tampa Bay. Using bits of pop punk, post hardcore, metalcore and emo, the band prides itself on a sound that can intrigue nearly any preference of genre in the alternative music world. Recently voted as the best original heavy act in all Tampa Bay for 2022 (in its first 9 months of existence) by Creative Loafing, OE has established themselves as an intense live music experience in the southeastern United States. Today, the band is teaming up with us to give you the official video for their lead single, “Diverge Collide“, and you can check it out right here!

Having released several singles already, the band’s first EP “So Tell Me About Yourself subject matter ranges telling stories of mental health battles, poverty, human rights, the challenges of life, and triumph over trials. For all those who can’t speak up, whether from fear of retaliation, shame, or difficulty in articulation, the music says it for them so they aren’t alone. Oceans End is for those without hope. Coining the term Voice of the Voiceless, OE aims to bring a light to the dark feelings and places we have all found ourselves in at some point.

Oceans End

The name of the band echoes these sentiments, derived from the idea that while our internal battles with depression and fear and anxiety may feel like an ocean, all oceans have an end. Referring to their fans as “the Kraken Fishing Crew” the band uses the mythos of a Kraken, a creature that can drag one down to the depths of a wide open ocean. In the face of such adversity, the band and its fans “hunt” that monster and face it head on, further reinforcing the idea that no one has to face life alone.

The band has numerous tours in store for 2023 including both coasts of the US, several forays into the southeastern states, as well as a UK/EU run, currently DIY. Combined with additional planned releases in summer and fall of 2023, Oceans End is a relentless wave a listener will enjoy the ride on. For fans of Coheed and Cambria, Senses Fail, Beartooth, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and similar acts.

Speaking about the new song, “Diverge Collide“, the band says it’s about the singer’s dealings with being neurodivergent. “… and in general as a whole “being the weird one” wanting so badly to escape who you are, until you realize in life it’s okay to be you. It’s fine to say “I’m not fine, I dunno what to do with those feelings of not belonging”.”

Steamrolling into 2023 with extensive touring as well as February’s release of debut EP “So Tell Me About Yourself” (2/17), Oceans End shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Runs of shows down both East and West Coasts, this new music video for the EP’s single “Diverge Collide”, and festival slots within coming months solidify the year as a monumental one for the Tampa natives, promising even more in the works.

Catch the band at their live treks:

West Coast Tour 3/3-3/25
4/28 Lost in St Pete Fest
Midwest Tour 6/1-6/18
East Coast/Canada Tour 7/20-8/12

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