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OHHMS plant the “Bad Seeds”!

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OHHMS are the ones that will try to redefine your approach to psychodelic stoner, doom and progressive metal. Judging the full album by this amazing lengthy track, I guess it’s safe to say that the whole thing will be utterly fantastic. This joint is a journey through hallucinogenic visions. Blending the sexiest elements of the aforementioned genres in an alchemical way, OHHMS punish you with a refreshing trip. Be sure to taste it!

Holy Roar Records will release the full record in early October.

The band commented:

So finally you guys can hear what we sound like with a full song thanks toTerrorizer. We are dead chuffed with those of you that have seen us live or been intregued enough to press the like button on here. So a bit later we shall pick three of you at random and send you a T-Shirt. Hope you enjoy ‘Bad Seeds’.
The label added:

Whilst it could potentially sound disheartening to some, only one previous band has ever eventually ended up working with Holy Roar simply by sending us music. That band was Throats. The second band to end up part of the family in this manner is what you have in front of you here, right now. OHHMS.

If that lineage doesn’t give you an idea of how bowled over we were by OHHMS then let us try and explain further. Just two tracks make up this release, clocking in at a combined 32 (!) minutes. They fuse together elements of doom, post-metal, prog and psychedelia in stunning clarity and power thanks to Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios and Brad Boatright at Audiosiege mastering. Breathtaking macro minimalistic artwork courtesy of Black Sails Design more than ably demonstrates the concept of both the record and intent of this band. This is nuanced, controlled anger that knows when to lurk in dark recesses, and when to viscerally bare its teeth.

If this leaves you none the wiser, then settle in for this undulating auditory journey. In simple terms – this is a new form of mature heavy music without ever losing an undercurrent that crackles with a distinct energy.

From small seeds…..

A1. Bad Seeds
B1. Rise Of The Herbivore


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