OILTANKER / NO TOMORROW announce release date for split LP

Profane Existence are proud to announce the imminent release of a split 12″ LP that showcases two up and coming metallic crust powerhouses and drops April 3, 2012. Connecticut’s d-beat destroyers OILTANKER and Cape Fear crust vigilantes NO TOMORROW both come armed to the teeth and hardened by years of toiling and touring.

Worshipping upon the filth-streaked altars of Scandinavian hardcore, Japanese punk, classic d-beat, and vicious, metallic-minded crust, these two bands have risen rapidly through the underground, and are poised to take the fuck over.

The label stated, “Tour after tour, song after song both of these bands are relentless and have shown through their actions that they won’t let up until the world hears their message of defiance and unrest. When looking for new artists to join the Profane Existence family we want bands that exemplify our mission statement. These bands are definitely out there “Making Punk A Threat Again!” While each band has their own unique style it’s easy to see why they are sharing a release together. Their sound is heavy. Their delivery is crushing. The recording embodies the high energy performance and intensity you would expect from a live show while sounding solid and musically tight. This is definitely a record that will breath new life and energy into the crust punk genera. When they contacted us about releasing the record there was no way we could pass it up. This is one of the best new records we have heard in a while!”

Fans of Disrupt, Nausea, Doom, & Extreme Noise Terror are sure to agree. With both bands poised to launch live assaults upon the continental US and even further, the release of their split LP is only a merciless harbinger of the destruction that is to come. There will be blood. ads
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