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Albany straight edge hardcore pack ONE KING DOWN re-release their 1997 classic Bloodlust Revenge

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Twenty years ago, Albany-based hardcore crew, ONE KING DOWN released their soon to be classic EP, Bloodlust Revenge. This December, Equal Vision Records will release a newly remastered vinyl reissue of the seminal EP from fellow Albany hardcore legends. Pre-order HERE.

The metallic hardcore group, One King Down, formed in the early 1990’s and quickly garnered a large regional following with a sound reminiscent of contemporary bands like Snapcase and Earth Crisis. Originally formed by a brotherly tandem, bassist Bill Scoville and guitarist Mike Scoville, along with guitarist Matt Wood and drummer Derrick Van Wie, One King Down was eventually joined by the energetic vocalist Rob Fusco, who penned their Equal Vision Records debut, Bloodlust Revenge around his vegan and straightedge lifestyle. Following the release of the EP in 1997, the band carried their message worldwide, touring with Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, VOD, and Sick Of It All, solidifying their mark on the international hardcore scene.

Even after twenty years the themes of mass drug use and society’s apathetic inability to help itself still ring true in Fusco’s lyrics. Coupled with the band’s stop-and-go rhythms and dancefloor-moving, heavy groove the band’s influence can still be heard echoing in today’s metalcore revival. Bloodlust Revenge, regarded by most fans as the band’s finest recorded hour, is now repackaged and remastered to be released December 15th on Equal Vision Records.

Track listing:

More Hate Than Fear
Prey To Human Silence
Mass Suicide
Bloodlust Revenge

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