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IN SHORTS #24 📢 Punk & Metal News Roundup: GLASSJAW, SPARTA, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE + loads of new music worth a check!

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Photo: AMERICAN NIGHTMARE live, by ReturnToThePit.

“On the Run”, the new single from BODY STUFF, the solo project of Curran Reynolds, with assistance from Ryan Jones (Mutilation Rites), has been premiered online! Listen below and stay tuned for a full interview with Curran, coming soon on IDIOTEQ!

A Christmas carol for the outlaws and outcasts, a hymn to the oneness of all things. It will appear on the third Body Stuff release, Body Stuff 3, that’s currently in the works.

[leaked] GLASSJAW’s long-awaited, new album Material Control will hit stores on December 1 via Century Media Records. See the track listing below.

01. New White Extremity
02. Shira
03. Citizen
04. Golgotha
05. Strange Hours
06. Bastille Day
07. Pompeii
08. Bibleland 6
09. Closer
10. My Conscience Weighs A Ton
11. Material Control
12. Cut And Run

Liev, Ukraine emotive screamo / post hardcore act MOA! are streaming their farewell EP Не Забывай! The band released their debut demo in September 2012.

Portland screeching sludge / noise metal duo THE BODY has dropped a new Christmas-themed EP called A Home on Earth. Listen below and don’t forget to check out ‘Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light’, their second collaboration with FULL OF HELL!

Oakland stoner metal veterans HIGH ON FIRE are writing a new album – go here to see some photo shots.

Andalusian veteran punk rockers G.A.S. DRUMMERS stopped by Dundas, ON to visit School House Studios on a rainy off date during their recent Canadian tour supporting PROPAGANDHI and IRON CHIC! Inspired by the thrill of exploring uncharted territory and an excess of Tim Horton’s coffee, Yours To Discover was aptly named after the slogan printed on their van’s Ontario plates. This poppy punk rock anthem was recorded live off the floor by Nick Ginn, owner of School House Studios, and mastered by Stu McKillop at Rain City Recorders. Forming in 1998, this new offering comes in anticipation of G.A.S. Drummers’ 20th anniversary as band. And just as important, the promise of a new record to commemorate their two decade stretch.

Washington, D.C. hardcore band CIVIC DUTY are streaming their new record ‘Burden of Hate’ on Triple B Records.

Over the past few years, Washington, DC has once again become a hotbed of spartan, old-school hardcore. And today, the DC band Civic Duty have come out with their first proper 7″ EP, following a demo that they released back in 2015. Civic Duty’s Burden Of Hate 7″ jams nine furious, feral songs into its exceedingly brief running length. The longest song on the EP is a minute and 25 seconds; most of them are way shorter. This is fun, intense, ridiculously fast music, and you can stream it below. / Stereogum

London’s self-proclaimed ‘Feminist Punk Witches’ DREAM NAILS (see our interview HERE) have followed the fury of last year’s Deep Heat with brand new single Tourist, out now and available on Spotify, Deezer and iTunes. The new video for Tourist premiered on Beyond Retro and you can watch it now via the band’s YouTube channel.

Tourist is a powerful song about emotionally predatory men who are drawn to women when they’re vulnerable. Front woman Janey Starling explains “it’s about men who present themselves as a hero but all they really want to do is fetishise sad girls, make them emotionally attached and then abuse that power. We can smell those guys a mile away and they’re creepy.”

At times like this, it’s more important than ever to have politically-charged bands set on combining activism with fantastic music. Dream Nails succeed in doing just that. Racing with infectious riffs, jangly melodies and the seething passion of Janey’s distinctive vocals, Tourist oozes a sparkling punk-force and intense contagious energy akin to the likes of Riot Grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill.

Having already built a reputation in London and across Europe for their riotous live sets, Dream Nails have also drawn in crowds headlining the Sisterhood stage at Glastonbury, as well as supporting bands such as Cherry Glazerr, Bleached and Petrol Girls. Now, with support from well-regarded sites including Dazed, Nylon and Refinary29 to name a few, Dream Nails hope to continue to inspire and empower with their latest impassioned release.


23rd November – The Vauxhall Tavern, London
24th November – The Black Heart, London
6th December – The Victoria, London
15th December – The Montague Arms, London
21st December – The Victoria, London
20th January – Amersham Arms, London

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young passed away at the age of 64. The founding member retired from the band in 2014. He was suffering from lung cancer dementia.

Cleveland, Ohio metallic hardcore / metalcore band RINGWORM are working on material for their next record They commented:

“So, We here at the Ringworm Corporation, over this past summer/fall, have been in the writing, rehearsing and molding stage of a new collection of musical compositions for your consuming pleasures. Some of the most foul, and most diabolical ear worms to date. Stay tuned, as more news will begin to ooze through the cracks of Ringworm’s new album chrysalis.”

UK punk veterans GBH are streaming their 12th studio album Momentum (Hellcat Records). Check it out below.

Swedish post metallers CULT OF LUNA are streaming their latest DVD ‘Years In A Day‘ below. The video includes the band’s full live video captured at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, Live at Roadburn Festival 2013 and 2016, and the physical copy features 20 page booklet of Maria Louceiro’s photography and designed by Erik Olofsson.

PANTERA will release their fourth home video release. See the video teaser below and expect Dimebag Darrell Abbott‘s ‘Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over‘ DVD release on November 24th.

Swedish melodic death metal legends AT THE GATES have begun tracking their upcoming studio album with producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, The Haunted, Dimmu Borgir, etc.) at Parlour Studios in the UK. Frontman Tomas Lindberg commented:

“We are finally hitting the studio and are super excited about this! The songs have been worked on in such detail for the last 7 months and we can’t wait to put them down to tape. Russ Russell was actually the runner up for mixing ‘At War With Reality’, and we really wanted to work with him on this one. He has what we are looking for when it comes to sheer loud, blunt heaviness. This is going to be a darker, richer and more raging album than the last one. It has so much more real ATG emotions on display, and I would say, it has the same approach lyrically as the feeling of ‘The Red In The Sky Is Ours’. More of a RED album, than a BLUE one. Can´t wait for people to hear it!”

Indiana straight edge hardcore band NEW HEART have dropped a new explosive track “One Less Chain”! Blood & Ink Records will soon release more details on their upcoming album. Watch below and go here to check out our interview!

Slovak raw hardcore punks ZOZOO have teamed up with dark experimental, crusty metal band NIČITEĽ (go here to see our recent video feature, go here to see our interview) have teamed up for a new split release! Listen below and get a copy via Slovak labels Skaven Records, Totalitarianism still continues, High Forehead Press and a R.U.R distro, Czech labels Véva Records and Togue Sol distribution, Kazachstanian label Red Truth Records, Polish label Pozytywny Wymiar Piekla, Greek label Sweet Ohm Recordings and German label WOOAAARGH.

Raw punks RUNT are streaming 2 new tracks off their new record ‘Positions Of Power’, out on December 25th via LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS label.

New York hardcore pack BACKTRACK are streaming their new Bridge Nine Records album Bad To My World in full.

Boston hardcore band AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (Give Up the Ghost) are teasing a new “February” release on Rise Records, their first new record in 15 years.

Croatian nervous garage punk rockers THE CELETOIDS have released their new self-titled 12” on Drunken Sailor Records. Although The Celetoids are a fairly new band, their members were involved in bands whose records we’ve put out in the past. Remember the Modern Delusion/Chresus Jist split 7″? Well, 2/3 of Modern Delusion teamed up with the drummer from the now-defunct Chresus Jist and thats how The Celetoids journey began. The trio plays a frantic, nervous and rabid kind of furious punk rock inspired by the first wave of British punk and obscure KBD gems, even outsider punk weirdos like Rudimentary Peni, whilst the lyrics read like ramblings about Max Headroom, gremlins, paranormal activities, suicide, worthlessness of the human species and general paranoia.

AT THE DRIVE-IN’s side project, El Paso rock band SPARTA returns with a their first new song since 2012. Listen to ‘Graveyard Luck’ below. The band’s current lineup consists of Jim Ward, bassist Matt Miller, guitarist Gabriel Gonzalez and drummer Cully Symington.

In other news, a new in-studio session from AT THE DRIVE-IN recorded at Maida Vale Studios for the BBC Radio 1‘s ‘Rock Show With Daniel P Carter‘ a justy premiered online:

JIMMY EAT WORLD, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, STATE CHAMPS, FOUR YEAR STRONG and more punk rock acts have been announced for the 2018’s Slam Dunk Festival scheduled for the 26th to the 28th May 2018 in leeds, UK.

Slam Dunk Fest

Kicking off back in 2010 punk band KICKING NERVE based in Athens, Greece draws its energy from the underground punk scene of late 70’s onwards, along with similar genres and other personal influences in order to define its sound. The band’s debut full length album ‘Bipolar’ was released in late August this year. Check it out below.

A 2002 live set from North Carolina’s experimental post hardcore veterans MILEMARKER has been revealed via Philly’s Permanent Hearing Damage label.

Recorded right after Frigid Forms Sell came out in the middle of the day, upsetting an entire floor of people working below me. Typically bands played live on the air or I would sometimes record them early in the day on the weekend, before a show that night. I saw Al and Dave on the tour they did early this year and we had a good laugh about my shrugging off of protests from the administrative offices below that interrupted this recording a couple times.

Ultra catchy fast skate punk rockes NO END IS SIGHT are streaming their 3rd album on Dutch label Morning Wood Records. It marks their third studio album and first one on Morning Wood Records! Fast, poppy, Canadian skatepunk the way it should be. Soundwise I would like to describe the band’s style as a combination of the snottyness and high in-your-face factor of early 90’s Fat Wreck releases (Propagandhi, anyone?) and the early 00’s poppyness from Drive-Thru Records bands.

Northern California noise-rockish post hardcore band SLOW BLOOM (members of of State Faults and Strike to Survive) have signed with No Sleep Records (U.S.) and Dog Knights Productions (UK) to release their debut EP, Hex Hex Hex, on January 26th. Listen to the new track Sarcophaguts below.

Grind/powerviolence label DeadHeroes is streaming 2 new sick collaborative releases: ACxDC / GOOLAGOON and MANGLE / FETUS CHRIST splits, both causing your ears shrivel in terror, and both detailed below.


The last recorded material of almighty ANTICHRIST DEMONCORE and the GOOLAGOON‘s first vinyl appearance.

There will be three versions available (see the options):

01. a regular black vinyl version pressed on 45rpm (133 copies available only) + double-side printed poster.

02. a regular black vinyl version pressed on 33rpm (166 copies available only) + double-side printed poster.

03. a limited transparent yellow-purple splatter pressed on 33rpm (200 copies available only), comes w/an OBI “welcome to hell” strip, a set of stickers (one of each band), double-side printed poster.

ACxDC has been on a rampage since their revival and the release of Second Coming. For this split they produce four more straight-forward hardcore punk ditties with less blasts than in the past and more knuckledragging than you’ve come to expect from this heinous group of miscreants. Super memorable hooks and lyrics as only ACxDC can bundle up. For the first time on vinyl we’d like to welcome GOOLAGOON, who summon the ghost of ACxDC‘s early days but with a blasting punk ethos. Honestly to me, this sounds like if LACK OF INTEREST were to do a split with LIFE’S HALT, or INFEST were to do a split with E.T.A., or if NO COMMENT were to do a split with SCHOLASTIC DETH. Bonus points go to GOOLAGOON for actually doing an amazing SCHOLASTIC DETH cover to finish their side. ACxDC really give some on point new material to sink our teeth into and do a great job to usher in the newest band that is about to spread around the power-violence world.

A brand-new set of tunes from a cider-violence/weed-grinder machine based in Hereford. Fetus Christ are a trio of blast-beat loving miscreants who blend volatile, grindy spasms with a thick layer of rancid crust that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Doom record. It’s an invigoratingly unpleasant mixture, and if you’ve ever caught these guys live you’ll already be well aware of how much vitriol these guys can muster.

A funeral speech of sludgy power-violence madness from Leicester. the best UK response on Iron Lung and The Endless Blockade ….. insanely good riffs, the guys are now in Nazi Killer and Nothing Clean.

Co-released in love with SuperFi Records (UK), Vleesklak Records (Bel.), Nuclear Mind Records (UK).

It’s been a couple of months since the release of “Dark Lakes”, the amazing rcord from Canadian experimental / post metallers SARIN, but it’s always a good moment to stop and review the astounding opus again. Zegema Beach Records has just uploaded it to their bandcamp, so take this occasion and dive into it below.

Coventry emotive post hardcore act METEORS THE ENTIRE NIGHT have shared a live and stripped version of their track ‘Existence is Futile’, the closing jam of their impressive debut EP ‘Descend Towards the Earth‘.

Newcastle, Wyoming power pop punk rockers THE LILLINGTONES are streaming their new record ‘Stella Sapiente’ on Fat Wreck Chords!

It’s been over a decade since The Lillingtons released a full-length album—and an anomaly of a record at that. Having signed to Fat Wreck Chords, The Lillingtons toiled away on their new record in secret, crafting an album that is both a continuation of the band’s legacy and a dramatic reinvention. It’s called Stella Sapiente, a title that vocalist-guitarist Kody Templeman says roughly translates to “wisdom of the stars,” and that phrase proves apt given his claim that it’s “centered around secret societies, astrology, and the occult.”

Noise / experimental label Enocore are reminding us about the last year’s adventurous, trippy record from French industrial duo ME DONNER, called “do 23”. The record is being re-released on tape and is available in limited series of just 22 copies.

Thrashy metal legends MACHINE HEAD are streaming new song “Beyond The Pale”, coming from their ninth studio album, Catharsis, out January 26th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

HININ, a two piece French post-punk band from Tulle, have dropped their new EP called Noyés. HININ throw disorientating atmpsheric curveballs throughout, succeed at balancing the direct and intimate, and tightens its grip with each listen.

This record tells stories about idles loves, boredom, and revolt. Inspired by bands like Eagulls, Iceage, or The Dogs.

Sean Carlson, founder of FYF Fest, has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, who have come forward with their stories about Carlson’s misconduct, ranging from 2010 to 2015. GO HERE to get all the details.

A PERFECT CIRLE have unveiled a music video for their new song “The Doomed“, coming from their yet-to-be-detailed record, coming next year!

Australian psych rockers KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD have shared their new album “Polygondwanaland” for free. GO HERE to get your Dropbox links, including the digital masters!

Following a US tour supporting Comeback Kid and Burn this fall, as well as other widespread regional live actions this year, hardcore outfit JESUS PIECE continues to announce new tour dates well-into the new year.

This week, JESUS PIECE announces that they’ll join Knocked Loose, Terror, and Stone on an extensive North American tour in early 2018. The newly-announced tour begins February 28th in Nashville, then circling through the US and Canada through all of March, the tour ending on April 1st in JESUS PIECE’s hometown of Philadelphia.

Additional tour dates for JESUS PIECE will be announced in the coming weeks and throughout next year as the band records their debut LP for Southern Lord for release mid-year. Stand by for continuous updates. Fans of Disembodied, Cold As Life, Xibalba, Harm’s Way, God’s Hate, and similar groove-heavy acts of metallic brutality are advised to stay tuned.


2/28/2018 The End – Nashville, TN
3/01/2018 Blind Tiger – Greensboro, NC
3/02/2018 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
3/03/2018 Crowbar – Ybor City, FL
3/04/2018 1904 – Jacksonville, FL
3/06/2018 Walters Downtown – Houston, TX
3/07/2018 Alamo City Music Hall – San Antonio, TX
3/08/2018 RBC – Dallas, TX
3/09/2018 Davey’s Uptown – Kansas City, MO
3/10/2018 Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
3/11/2018 In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT
3/13/2018 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
3/14/2018 Analog Theater – Portland, OR
3/16/2018 924 Gilman – Berkeley, CA
3/17/2018 Teragram Ballroom – Los Angeles, CA
3/18/2018 Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
3/19/2018 Nile Theater – Mesa, AZ
3/21/2018 89th Street – Oklahoma City, OK
3/22/2018 Sokol Underground – Omaha, NE
3/23/2018 Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St. Paul, MN
3/24/2018 Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
3/25/2018 Skully’s Music Diner – Columbus, OH
3/26/2018 The Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
3/27/2018 Velvet Underground – Toronto, ON
3/28/2018 Theatre Fairmount – Montreal, QC
3/29/2018 California Brew Haus – Rochester, NY
3/30/2018 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
3/31/2018 Brooklyn Bazaar – Brooklyn, NY
4/01/2018 Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA

Ft. Collins, Colorado’s dreamiest export, GLEEMER, have released their new full length, Anymore, today via Other People Records. To celebrate, the band has teamed with GoldFlakePaint to premiere their enigmatic new music video for one of Anymore’s standout tracks, “Come Down.”

Gleemer have been making a name for themselves with their warm and nuanced take on fuzzed out guitar rock, a sound just as indebted to ’90s shoegazers as it is to the same era’s more subtle songsmiths. Recorded in the studio built at guitarist/vocalist Corey Coffman’s parents’ house, Anymore is an embrace of dense guitars and effects with an intimate core. GoldFlakePaint praised the album’s “songs that resonate a mood and atmosphere that immediately plucks you out of your own surroundings, lifting you somewhere else entirely, deep in shady, moonlit landscapes that simmer and glisten and wrap themselves around the listener.”

GHOST ATLAS, the solo vehicle for ERRA guitarist Jesse Cash, has released his debut album All is in sync, and there’s nothing left to sing about. The 12 track record premiered exclusively with Loudwire who cited tracks like “the upbeat album opener ‘Cry Wolf,’ the more immediate-feeling and in-the-moment rocker ‘Mirror Room,’ the hypnotically-heavy Deftones-namechecking song ‘Legs’ and the lilting and dream-like ‘Night Drive’ .”

Punk rock act YOU VANDAL have released their new full length. The 12 track effort is available on 180 gram black and yellow limited edition vinyl LP, CD, and digitally. You can grab a physical copy by clicking here or on the lovely image of the LP. The album is due out today, November 17th, and you can stream it right now below. Pick it up over at Jump Start Records.

You Vandal is currently on the road in support of their new full legnth, I Just Want to Go Back to Hell. Be sure to catch one of the last three dates if you live close to Trenton, Charlotte, or Gainesville.

11/9 @ The East Room – Nashville, TN
11/10 @ Star Bar – Atlanta, GA
11/11 @ Norfolk Taphouse – Norfolk, VA
11/12 @ Asbury Park Brewery – Asbury Park, NJ
11/13 @ Bushwick Public House – Brooklyn, NY
11/14 @ O’Brien’s Pub – Allston, MA
11/15 @ Mr. Beery’s – Bethpage, NY
11/16 @ Creep Records – Philadelphia, PA
11/17 @ Mill Hill Basement – Trenton, NJ
11/18 @ The Station – Charlotte, NC
11/19 @ Loosey’s – Gainesville, FL

Indie rock act SAVE FACE is back with Folly: On The Rocks”- a reimagined version of their stellar 2016 EP Folly. With Folly: On The Rocks the band takes a stripped down, sometimes acoustic, sometimes piano driven, but mostly intimate look into the heart of what makes Save Face. Unique and bare, this version of Save Face showcases their penchant for crafting well-written catchy songs that translate in any genre.. Folly: On The Rocks will be out Nov. 17th on 12″/CD/CS/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

On Folly, Save Face takes their art to the pinnacle of the bands current evolution. Mixing in smart, rollicking leads with intense vocal hooks that demand your attention. Akin to New Jersey scene godfathers Save The Day, Save Face take on personal examination to another level as Povada goes on to say that “Folly is meant to personify the way in which we derive our self-worth from anything but one’s self. These songs are an examination of a breakdown in communication, both internally and externally.” .


11/17 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Park Brewery
11/18 – Wilkes-Barre, PA @ The Otherside
11/19 – Buffalo, NY @ Sewing Souls
11/20 – Akron, OH @ It’s A Kling Thing!

Dreamy pop indie rockers NO VACATION are streaming their new EP “Intermission” on Topshelf Records. The band are donating a portion of proceeds from the EP to The Trevor Project, The NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Planned Parenthood, s please be sure to give it a listen and support the good cause!

With the release date for No Vacation’s EP Intermission approaching this Friday, Hype Machine just premiered it in full on their site! We are so excited to share this magical EP with y’all – each track tells a story of it’s own, backed up by otherworldly instrumentals and soundscapes.

Anthemic rockers 30 SECONDS TO MARS have released a video for ‘Walk On Water’, a new single off their upcoming yet to be detailed fifth album!

Crossover metalcore act AMERICAN ME (Rise Records) have released a new music video for their song “Anti Life Equation”, coming from their new record Still Firing.

November 17th marked the official unveiling of the self-titled reissue from doom rock legends THE OBSESSED. Originally released in 1990 and out-of-print for almost two decades, the now-iconic debut album from THE OBSESSED comes completely remastered with previously unreleased bonus tracks, including the highly-sought after four-track Concrete Cancer demo (1984), expanded artwork, never-before-seen photos, and extended liner notes from frontman Scott “Wino” Weinrich. This is a true piece of doom history! The deluxe 2xCD version of the record includes a bonus disc containing the Concrete Cancer demo as well as a full live set from 1985 in Washington, D.C.. The Concrete Cancer demo is also available separately as a limited-edition LP. Rock Shock Pop crowns the collection, “…the definitive take on an album that clearly laid a lot of the ground work for the current doom and stoner rock bands,” while Hellbound raves, “If you’re looking to hear The Obsessed in all its original glory, look no further!”

Fresh off a US headlining tour, THE OBSESSED will join Clutch and Devin Townsend Project for a winter run of shows to close out the year. See all confirmed dates below.

11/29/2017 Cone Denim Entertainment – Greensboro, NC
12/01/2017 House Of Blues – Myrtle Beach, SC
12/02/2017 Revolution – St. Petersburg, FL
12/03/2017 Revolution – Fort Lauderdale, FL
12/05/2017 Backyard Stage @ St. Augustine Amphitheater – St. Augustine, FL
12/06/2017 Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL
12/08/2017 Varsity Theater – Baton Rouge, LA
12/09/2017 The Aztec Theater – San Antonio, TX
12/10/2017 House Of Blues – Houston, TX
12/12/2017 Gillioz Theater – Springfield, MO
12/13/2017 Bourbon Theater – Lincoln, NE
12/15/2017 Limelight Eventplex – Peoria, IL
12/16/2017 Marathon Music Works – Nashville, TN
12/27/2017 Upstate Concert Hall – Clifton Park, NY
12/28/2017 Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
12/29/2017 The National – Richmond, VA
12/30/2017 The International – Knoxville, TN
12/31/2017 Express Live – Columbus, OH

Danish metallic hardcore outfit LIFESICK has announced a European tour which begins next week and runs through mid-December, providing support for Harley Flanagan on most the shows.

LIFESICK is an overwhelmingly hard-hitting act who integrates elements of morbid, extreme metal into aggressive, mosh-primed hardcore. The band is currently in Dead Rat studio recording their follow up to 6.0.1which was released in November 2016 on LP format via Southern Lord, and prior to that on CD format via FWH Records.

LIFESICK twists the clobbering sounds of bands like Merauder, Xibalba, and Nails, combined with the northern European climate: harsh, cold, and steeped in metal history. Between brutal breakdowns and direct, forceful vocals, the young Danes make their mark with evil melodies that ooze black and death metal vibes, all delivered in the crushing tone of the HM-2.


11/29/2017 Innocent – Hengelo, NL
11/30/2017 Vort’n Vis – Ieper, BE
12/01/2017 The Crowndale – London, UK
12/02/2017 Temple Of Boom – Leeds, UK w/ Harley Flanagan
12/03/2017 Patronaat – Haarlem, NL w/ Harley Flanagan
12/04/2017 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE w/ Harley Flanagan
12/05/2017 Faust – Hannover, DE w/ Harley Flanagan
12/06/2017 Scheune – Dresden, DE w/ Harley Flanagan
12/07/2017 Hydrozagadka – Warsaw, PL w/ Harley Flanagan
12/08/2017 Arena – Vienna, AU w/ Harley Flanagan
12/09/2017 Legend Club – Milano, IT w/ Harley Flanagan
12/15/2017 Ungdommenshus – Fredericia, DK

New Orleans punk rock power trio HiGH will release their upcoming full-length record ‘Evil Gene’ this Friday, November 17th via Los Angeles based indie label, Wiretap Records. The album was produced/engineered by James Whitten (PEARS, Thou, Donovan Wolfington, I’m Fine, Streetlight Manifesto) at Hightower Recordings in NOLA.

Having kicked off their coast-to-coast US tour this week, noise rocker PLAGUE MARKS now team up with Unsane for a three-week stretch before solidering on for even more headlining shows. The Unsane leg begins Friday night in Brooklyn at Saint Vitus.

The perfect tourmates, Unsane are elder statesmen of the caustic noise-rock nightmare for which Plaque Marks carries the torch. Founded in New York City in the late ’80s, their brutal sound remains intact: between the realness and rawness of New York hardcore, the muscle of Helmet, and the existential horror of Swans.

Nov 17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Unsane
Nov 18 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar w/ Unsane
Nov 19 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Unsane
Nov 20 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Unsane
Nov 21 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa w/ Unsane
Nov 25 – Austin, TX @ Lost Well w/ Unsane
Nov 26 – Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Lounge w/ Unsane
Nov 28 – Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress w/ Unsane
Nov 29 – Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar w/ Unsane
Dec 1 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill w/ Unsane
Dec 3 – Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp w/ Unsane
Dec 4 – Eugene, OR @ Old Nick’s w/ Unsane
Dec 5 – Seattle, WA @ Highline w/ Unsane
Dec 6 – Vancouver, BC @ Cobalt w/ Unsane
Dec 7 – Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge w/ Unsane
Dec 8 – Boise, ID @ Neurolux w/ Unsane
Dec 9 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records w/ Unsane
Dec 10 – Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive w/ Unsane
Dec 11 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Flux Capacitor
Dec 12 – Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
Dec 13 – Omaha, NE @ O’Leavers
Dec 14 – Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville
Dec 15 – Minneapolis, MN @ Eagles #34
Dec 16 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
Dec 17 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class

The self-proclaimed “stain on the smile of the Philadelphia music scene,” Philly noise-rock dream team Plaque Marks comprises members of Creepoid, Fight Amp, Ecstatic Vision, and The Powder Room. Caveman drumming, tooth-rattling bass, painfully distorted guitars, and buried yells are the elements at play, and on debut EP Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship (out now on Learning Curve Records and Reptitlian Records) they sound like they were recorded with one lone mic, hanging from a noose in a Philly warehouse.

IRON MAIDEN have announced a string of EUropean dates alongside KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. GO HERE to see the details. IRON MAIDEN’s sixteenth record ‘The Book of Souls’ was released in 2015. KSE’s latest record Incarnate was released in March 2016.

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