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One Time for Unity – LA hardcore supergroup WORLD BE FREE lists 10 tracks that inspired their new EP

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“One Time for Unity” is the new five-song EP from WORLD BE FREE, the Los Angeles-based band formed in 2014 comprised of vocalist Scott Vogel (TERROR, BURIED ALIVE), guitarist Joe Garlipp (ENVY), guitarist Andrew Kline (STRIFE, BERTHOLD CITY), drummer Sammy Siegler (JUDGE, CIV, RIVAL SCHOOLS), and bassist Alex Barreto (CHAIN OF STRENGTH, EXCEL). Today, we’re teasing it with a special list of 10 track that inspired its creation, brought to you by all members of the band!

Since releasing their debut full-length album, The Anti-Circle, on Revelation Records in 2016, WORLD BE FREE played a handful of shows, but were sidelined by everyone’s schedules and frontman Vogel’s neck surgery. During this forced hiatus, WORLD BE FREE continued to write new material, and when the moment presented itself, they focused on the five tracks which eventually became One Time for Unit

Chuck Ragan of HOT WATER MUSIC provides guest vocals on the EP’s title track, one of the more melodic moments on the record.

Vogel says of the cameo, “HOT WATER MUSIC is my favorite band ever, so to have him on a song is a dream come true for sure. Having Walter (Shreifels) on the first record, and now Chuck on this second release, is really special for me. I would have never imagined this would come together in my lifetime.”

Vogel also mentions that the EP’s opening track, “Acceptance,” represents a watershed moment for him and his place in WORLD BE FREE. “Up to the point this song was written, I would say the band was in limbo. My surgery really messed up the momentum or growth of the band on the first release, and when I was back on my feet, we never really got that ball rolling again. Some songs were written that didn’t truly excite me, but when I heard this one, I was fully fired back up to do more with WORLD BE FREE.”

The EP is available for pre-order through Revelation Records starting October 7th, with a release date of November 13th.

10 tracks that inspired “One Time for Unity” EP by WORLS BE FREE:


Scott Vogel:

Dag Nasty – Never Go Back

“Can I Say” was the record I most had in mind when I first had the idea to do this band. The energy is undeniable on this whole record and the lyrics are so honest and heartfelt which pushes this LP to masterpiece status. I could have picked any song off it, but I went with this one.

Racquet Club – Head Full of Bees

This band put out an Lp In 2017 that I think flew under the radar for many, but it’s by far the record I have listened to the most over the past few years. I suggest everyone give this thing a try. The album in called “ blood on the moon “ and I bet some of the people in this band have passed thru your eardrums before.

Andrew Kline:

Hot Water Music – Turnstile

We were all very excited that Chuck Ragan lent his vocals for the title track of the new record… Rick from Strife and I discovered HWM randomly one day when we went to a Matinee at CBGB’s to catch Kiss It Goodbye… “Fuel for the Hate Game” was in constant rotation from that day on.

Project X – Where It Ends

Sammy showed up with practice one day with a little drum part… He said he wanted a drum intro that was in the vein of “Where It Ends”… Our song “Acceptance” was written that day based on that drum part… “We used to be such good friends, But now I guess this is where it ends!”

Joe Garlipp:

Circle Jerks – Beverly Hills

This is the tone in palm muting I have always been drawn to since before I picked up a guitar. Gibson’s and Marshalls and standard tuning for the winning breakdown!

Ratt – Nobody Rides For Free

The dynamics of Warren’s guitars that seem to constantly shred over the solid rhythm section in Ratt have always appealed to me as being sonically pleasing to listen to. The bass/drum fill in this song around 29 seconds in before the verse starts to kick in is what inspired me to come up with the idea for a bass/drum thing at the end of Sammy’s Mirror around 1:49 before the last part of the song to kick in. Plus you can never go wrong with a song on the Point Break soundtrack.

Sammy Siegler:

Bad Brains – Coptic Times

One of the greatest bands of all time, these are truly coptic times, I think about this song often, our song Down & Beyond conjures up some Coptic Times sprits.

Warzone – As One

Doesn’t get more NYHC then this, Raybeez was the greatest, love the guitar solo on this, reminds me of our Joe Garlipp and his ability to whammy bar.

Alex Barreto:

Blast – The Future


Inside Out – Burning Fight

As a late addition to this outfit felt like these 2 songs are exciting , Wbf could benefit from these technologies.

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