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Oregon screamo act TO BE GENTLE / Eve Beeker unveils beautiful ambient / post rock instrumentals, listen!

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A little over two year since the release of their impressive debut album, TO BE GENTLE are back with new immersive music, this time focused on the post rockish side of their nature. The band’s vocalist and experimental musician Eve Beeker just released her instrumental ambient offering called “want to go back to where the only things that mattered were you”, silent track “4’33″”, and 12-minute long track “The Letter “I”, coming from the new release “Catatonia”, scheduled for September 10th.

Catatonia is “a collection of songs written about and as a coping mechanism for living with the schizoaffective experience.” “This is the sound of a love unprecedented”, comments Eve.

Other songs and EPs released in July and August 2021 are as follows:

Experimental musician b has primarily been known for her work in To Be Gentle, and historically, focused in traditional band settings, sculpting monumental screamo and post-rock pieces layered in effects-laden guitar. “Portraits” not only exemplifies the unique and original tenants of To Be Gentle, but by contrast branches out into experimental soundscapes, field-recordings, and conversations amongst many other vibrant sonic elements to tell the narrative of Beeker’s life, celebrating herself as a trans woman.

Portraits” is a sonic exploration through trauma, joy, gender, and healing, and its title originates from the notion that trans people often find themselves “repainting a self-portrait of themselves as something they are, but which is incongruent with what others (family, parental figures, friends) perceive of them, running a wide gamut of emotion”.

The song “Portraits” is the closest Beeker has come to contemporary mainstream music, and exemplifies her songwriting prowess. While other songs like “The Letter ‘I'” and “You Have Left Us” feature familiar characteristics of her previous ambient work, songs “For Claire”, “As Long As I Am With You When It Ends”, and “The Depths…” are some of her most experimental endeavors yet, alternating between brain-massaging synths and sampling as well as lush guitar-scapes.

Portraits” is a monumental milestone for both Beeker’s compositional and personal growth, showcasing her artistic and musical talents. It is a deep-dive into a very intimate part of Beeker’s life, and she is proud to share it with all of you.

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