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ORPHAN DONOR unveils a tsunami of anger throught their new crushing LP “Unraveled”

Absolutely devastating, dark and claustrophobic metallic hardcore/sludge/grind/screamo (falling somewhere between Isis and Ken Mode), the seven tracks stack together into a colossal, imposing tower of dread, paranoia and death. ORPHAN DONOR’s “Unraveled” is out now on Zegema Beach Records and you can hear it in its crushing entirety below!

Comments the label: “If ‘Old Patterns’ was a mind-bending acid trip, ORPHAN DONOR’s new 12″LP ‘Unraveling’ is the subsequent and sobering descent into madness. This album feels like being steadily pressured down a spiral staircase with uneven steps. The discordant project from Secret Cutter’s drummer Jared Stimpfl (instrumentals) and Chris Pandolfo of Clouds Collide (vocals) have concocted a nightmare in seven songs, a tsunami of anger, profusely ringing, anchored by the prodigious 11-minute closer “Celestial Mourning”.”

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FFO: Meth., Celeste, Ken Mode, Cursed, Isis

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Photo: IEATHEARTATTACKS, by Johnny Vaet Nordskog

ORPHAN DONOR unveils a tsunami of anger throught their new crushing LP “Unraveled”
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