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LEEWAY by Albert Licano
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RIP Eddie LEEWAY Sutton, passed away at the age of 59

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Eddie Sutton, the celebrated vocalist and founding member of the influential New York hardcore / crossover band LEEWAY, has passed away at the age of 59. Sutton’s death comes after a four-year struggle with an aggressive form of lung cancer, marking the end of a battle that he faced with remarkable fortitude and openness.

The news of his passing was confirmed through a heartfelt post on his Instagram, where his family invited friends and extended relatives to attend his wake.

The statement reads: “Edward Anthony Pomponio passed 4/19/24 peacefully in his sleep. We would like to invite all his extended family to come say goodbye to our son and brother. The wake will be held Tuesday, 4/23/24 at Farenga Funeral Home, 3808 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, Queens NY 11105 from 3pm-8pm.”

Throughout his fight with cancer, Sutton maintained a strong connection with his fans, sharing candid updates about his condition.

In a poignant post shared on his social media platform, he revealed the challenges he faced due to his deteriorating health: “I’ve now been in hospice care for about 6 days and I’m still trying to prove the professionals wrong and try to keep hope alive. The problem is my appetite…as much as I want to eat and crave so many foods I just can’t seem to swallow it or the smell becomes nauseating, to me. It’s quite a torture…try to imagine wanting to eat but your taste buds make it taste different or there’s something in the food that makes you feel sick.”

Sutton’s musical journey began in 1984 when he, along with guitarist A.J. Novello, formed LEEWAY.

Known for their seminal albums like “Born To Expire” and “Desperate Measures,” the band carved out a niche within the hardcore and crossover thrash scenes of the 1980s.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including band breakups and reunions, LEEWAY’s music continued to inspire a generation of musicians and fans alike.

In an interview with Mark Kadzielawa of 69 Faces of Rock, Sutton reflected on his cancer diagnosis and the battles he faced: “I have a spreadable form of cancer called squama carcinoma,” he said. “It started in my right lung, and I have two masses in the back of my left kidney, the top part, called the adrenal gland. And to be removed 13 lesions from my brain. I’m winning the fight and battle after battle, but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to win the war,” he admitted.

Sutton’s legacy extends beyond his music. His openness about his health struggles, his candid reflections on his life and challenges, and his unyielding spirit in the face of adversity have left an indelible mark on his fans and peers.

As the music community mourns his loss, Eddie Sutton’s contributions to the hardcore and metal scenes, as well as his courageous battle with cancer, will not be forgotten.

His music and his life’s story continue to resonate, echoing the enduring spirit of a man who fought bravely to the end.

The upcoming wake offers a moment for those touched by his life and music to come together in remembrance and celebration of a truly remarkable individual.

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