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Osaka Hardcore – BRAVE OUT comment on new EP, local punk scene, and more

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Spiced up by cover artwork designed by Chris Wilson of New York hardcore pack EKULU, “World’s Rot” by Japenese hardcore gang BRAVE OUT just hit the streets via Fired Stomp Records and it’s a perfect celebration of the band’s 10 years of relentless efforts to keep Japanese hardcore on the map of worldwide hardcore.

Formed in 2012 by local scenesters Yoshikawa (vocals) and Paddi (bass), BRAVE OUT were based on the foundation of its members’ 80s hardcore and fastcore niche roots, but showcased their take on the youth crew style. The band released their debut demo in 2013, a follow up promo tape in 2014 and debut 7” Growing Distance in 2017. The latter marked the addition of drummer Hideta.

“He speaks English and has connection with hc scene overseas.” – says the babd. “So we played shows in Indonesia, China and Korea during 2018 and 2019.”

The band has released a 3-way split with Feel The Burn (Indonesia) and AllxIN (Australia) (also of Fired Stomp Records and Set The Fire Records).

BRAVE OUT ‘s “World’s Rot” 12″ is out this July via Fired Stomp Records and serves as a perfct treat for fans of old school hardcore, youth crew and New York Hardcore.

“What is the corruption of the world?” is the theme of World’s Rot.

“But, It will be different for each person to think about it.” – admits the band.

“That’s why we wanted the artwork to be simple than the lyrics. we wanted to make it easier to understand as much as pop songs. We knew that Chris (EKULU singer, Chris Wilson) is a great musician and an artist. That’s why we were interested in how he style this theme.”

YOYO-T (TOME) and Kayananba also involved in making the cover. TOME designed back cover and lyric sheet.

“He has designed many merchandises, album artwork, or even flyer for hc bands. He is such a legend. I love the long sleeved design he made for REGULATE and KRUST tour. I wear it all the time.” – adds BRAVE OUT.

“Kayananba works in graphic design. She designed LP label. She designed most flyers for hardcore shows in Japan.”

Brave Out cover

Asked about their inspirations, the band continues: “We are basically influenced by original 88 Youth Crew, Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits and so on.”

“But we also love Boston’s hc and Lock’in Out Records before and after 2010’s.”

Here are the top 10 of World’s Rot inspirations

・Straight Ahead – Breakaway
・Hard Stance – Foundation:The Discography
・Inside Out – No Spiritual Surrender
・Justice – Justice
・Mental – Planet Mental
・Mindset – Leave No Doubt
・True Colors – Rush Of Hope
・Step Forward – S/T
・Coolside – Exploration Of Self
・Fury – Paramount

Osaka hardcore scene

Numbernine, Sand, Palm are at the very core of Osaka hardcore scene.” – admits the band.

“This documentary of a release show from Numbernine is so sick. If you watch this video, you can understand how Osaka hardcore is cool.”

Wrong State, formed by members of Numbernine and Brave Out, deliver a wild mix hardcore and powerviolence and is also worth a solid check!”

“You can check a great video on their roots through this interview on ”Backyard Zine”.

“”Backyard Zine” is the project of SMD crew(Ex-c, Burning Sign ..etc). In Osaka, we stick together with old age(SMD crew, Sand,Palm..etc) and young blood (West Side Unity).”

“Also, check out “Brightside Booking” managed by Hideta!. He’s booked many hc shows, booked the whole tour for Odd Man Out and Krust/Regulate. He is most important person in Japanese hardcore scene now.” – comments the band.

Photo by Kai

“Kai is a singer in a band called Numbernine and they are arguably one of the coolest hardcore band in Japan. He also films hardcore shows as Human Cage Protocol. There’s no way to talk about the current hardcore scene without him.” – adds BRAVE OUT.

Asked about their plans for the rest of the year and 2023, the band looks brightly into the future.

“Whenever we are able to go outside of Japan, we hope to do overseas tour again.” – they say. “First, we hope to do South East Asia and Korea which we already have a strong tie. Secondly, we are interesed in North America. We’d like to play in Boston, DC, at least once.”

“And Europe too. The hardcore scene around Youth 2 Youth Records is so sick! I was so excited to see the full set video of Speedway (from Sweden). Youth crew is back on track!”

“The plan of Fired Stomp Records is to release No Excuse EP. They are tough and straight sounds like Carry on and The First Step.”

“I haven’t decided what to do after that, but I want to release something for the hc kids”

For the hc kids, by the hc kids.

Brave Out

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