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Oshawa power punk rockers LETDOWN drop an infectious new track called “Temporary”!

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Well, actually it’s not a brand new single as we had seen the official video for this track in late 2016, but we figured Summer is the best time to play it again, especially now that it’s been released on Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, and Bandcamp! “Temporary” by Canadian melodic punk rock band LETDOWN is the perfect amalgamation of catchy, fast and powerful punk rock that doesn’t bash you over the head with its too poppy and cheesy innocence, but also shows some grit and will to hit harder. We caught up with Matt from LETDOWN and asked for more details on the still captivating track and the band’s plans for the future.

It was actually one of the first songs we wrote mainly in the studio. We always had just written songs in our jam space and then brought them to our producer (Terry Benn) and we would make some changes here and there and then just hit it haha, so it was the first time I had ever had a fully recorded song that I then had to write lyrics to.

So we actually recorded the single kind of in between tours late summer 2016, and at that time the band had hit a few personal setbacks, Though we were doing some of the coolest shit we had ever done as band, which made it all that much harder. We werent completely sure if we were going to be able to continue, and so right there that was the first time for me that everything in life truly felt temporary, and that nothing , not even the band with the same guys that had Ben a band for almost 10 years, Is permanent. Everything we’d worked for could potentially just be non existent. That all caused the official release of temporary to be pushed to now. But the song speaks specifically of those feelings that I had during that time. It was weird and kind of ironic to write about something personal about the band, but the fact that it was a single, about a specific time and place that has now passed truly gives the name name Temporary its meaning. I also think alot of people can relate to the feeling of things being temporary, whether it be a relationship, life, or just emotions in general.

Thankfully, after a bit of a break , the band will be pushing on, and we are currently recording a new record that will be out later this year! So we are super excited to finally release Temporary so everyone can download it and stream it wherever they prefer!

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