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Fun punks STUPID KARATE release a tongue-in-cheek video for their party track “Stand out of my sunlight”

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7 months after our interview for IDIOTEQ, Lille, France’s raging melodic hardcore punks STUPID KARATE are back with a new music video for the track “Stand out of my sunlight”, coming from their EP “Punk is a free pricing corpse”, released earlier this year. Join the wild ride and listen to the full EP below!


I’m a rock in your shoe
The mirror of your inner lose
No one can hurt me
Look at you, I’m free

(Pray to your gods I want anarchy
Barking like a dog I spit on your ideologies) X2

He’s the first punk in history
Father of Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy and Johnny
Living in a jar with living rats
Like a bum in a russian dead squat

Thousand years before 77
There was only hell, no place for heaven

Only interested by wine and poems
Sodomized at ten to become a man

I don’t wanna be a lighthouse in the storm
The trash, the filth is my new kingdom

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