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Outbreak Fest 2023 videos collected [UPDATED]

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As the dust settles on an electrifying weekend, the memories etched into the hearts of countless music lovers begin to tell the tale of the Outbreak Fest 2023. Held at the Depot Mayfield in Manchester, the festival magnificently bridged hardcore roots with daring forays into hip-hop, alternative, and beyond.

Outbreak Fest commenced with a fervent pre-show at The Bread Shed, featuring a UKHC-exclusive line-up. The performance of the night was undoubtedly Leeds’ Higher Power performing a memorable ‘Year One’ set. However, as the festival moved onto the main stage, the spectrum broadened, and we witnessed everything from Pest Control‘s fiery crossover thrash to High Vis‘s deeply emotive hardcore.

Saturday proved to be a riotous blend of sound and emotion. The day began with the filth-soaked hardcore of Candy, seamlessly transitioning into the dreamy melodies of Narrow Head. Experimental collective Nukuluk and alternative hip-hop artists Denzel Himself and Wu-Lu offered a refreshing alternative, representing the festival’s genre-defying aspirations. The night reached its zenith with the incendiary performances by Pittsburgh powerhouses Code Orange and the iconic experimental hip-hop outfit, Death Grips.

The festival’s grand finale saw a resurgence of hip-hop dominance, led by the likes of PlayThatBoiZay, Meechy Darko, and Lil Ugly Mane, interspersed with hard-hitting performances from Zulu and Speed. The closing acts featured a diverse range of music, including Loathe‘s alt-metalcore, Trapped Under Ice‘s fierce hardcore, Turnover‘s alternative rock, and the hip-hop brilliance of Earl Sweatshirt and Denzel Curry, all contributing to an exhilarating conclusion to the event.

Outbreak Fest

Though the festival may have drawn to a close, its echoes can still be felt through the power of digital media. We have collated some of the best live videos from the festival for your viewing pleasure. Whether it’s reliving the moments or experiencing them for the first time, these clips capture the essence of Outbreak Fest 2023.

Be warned, the videos may not do complete justice to the intoxicating energy of being in the crowd, but they offer a glimpse into what makes Outbreak Fest such a mesmerizing experience.

Please remember, we’ll keep updating this collection as more videos become available. So, keep checking back to re-live the magic of the Outbreak Fest 2023.

🆕 Trapped Under Ice:

🆕Various bands:


No Pressure:

Trapped Under Ice:

Denzel Curry:



No Pressure:


Higher Power (pre-show):

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