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‘Lone” – emo punk rock act OVERCAST premiere new song & video!

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One year since the release of their debut EP “Feel Free To Speak” and their introductory interview on IDIOTEQ, Idaho emotive punk rockers OVERCAST are back with a new 7-tracker “Stray“, a new worthy record serving 4 new passionate tracks. To celebrate, the band have teamed up with us to give  yoou their new music video for the song “Lone”, a hearty tune that blends classic, spirited emo rock with punk rock and post hardcore undertones. Check out the first hand commentary, watch the video below, and scroll down to listen to the full record!

Lone is one of our first songs. We wrote it before we fully formed as a band, actually. I remember Corey (vocals, guitar) showing me its skeleton on an acoustic guitar, and then us running it though a couple of drummers shortly after until we found Josh (drums). Evan (bass) came into our band after we released Feel Free to Speak last year, and he definitely added his own flourish to the song. Alex was our bassist until shortly after Feel Free, and he laid a lot of the groundwork which Evan learned from and made his own. Evan and Josh now really make the song what it is, sonically.

I think it’s a punk song at heart, with it’s three-chord chorus and inherently aggressive spirit, but it’s also a reflection on unhealthy and failing or failed relationships. It’s about having that internal conflict when you find yourself falling out of love with someone you know has hurt you and will hurt you again while acknowledging how hard it is to take that final step away without really knowing what life looks like without them, the frustration and malaise that comes with those realizations, and ultimately feeling like ceasing to exist is a better option altogether.

Lone’s lyrics are the namesake of our EP, which ironically does not feature the song. We planned on including it initially, but thought better of it until we had it better polished. We all agreed that we liked the convention of keeping the lyrics as the EP title because it was our first chance to speak out and show people our work as a real band.


Asked about their next steps, the band added:

I think what we want most right now is to just keep developing as a band and continue to be happy with what we produce. We love this song, the album, and everything that went into making it. We plan to keep pushing ourselves and hopefully be signed by this time next year. This has been a serious commitment to us for a couple of years now, so we’re keeping an eye out for our next step forward. We’re just trying to turn this into our livelihood and maybe get to hang out with Jack Black one day.

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