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OVERTHROW – “Adjust to Darkness” video!

Norway’s OVERTHROW have premiered a music video for their song “Adjust to Darkness”, the title-track for their new album.

“Residing in what has become the new metal-area of Norway, Stavanger, Overthrow gutters out bloody, tight and devilish riffs. Not to mention the double bass drums. If you’re asleep, you won’t be after Overthrow has had a go at your brain and ears; because they’re not exactly here to be gentle. With massive nut-squeezing metal songs such as ‘Octoskulls’ and ‘Soul Incarceration’, expect nothing less than your intenstines ravaged and your inner ear slaughtered. Playing as loud as you would ever dare to wish for and as energetic as that hyperactive neighbourhood-kid, their sound comes somewhere between thrash metal bands like Municipal Waste and fellow Stavanger band Kvelertak.”

– Isabella Greffel, By:larm News

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