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PAURA document their European tour [UPDATE]

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PAURA have launched a day-by-day tour blog documenting their last European trek. Head over here to check it out. Video documentaries are available below:

The band commented:

We left Guarulhos late on Thursday, Aug. 16, Rogerio (guitar), Danilo (bass), our friend Rodrigo Smile (tour documentarist) and me (Fabio, vocals) to Frankfurt to find Fernando (drums), who had gone there from the United States the day before. Caio (guitar) and André Tayar (roadie / sound tech) were already in Germany days before, at Matthias Voigt´s home. The plan was to us all to meet at Frankfurt airport and leave with the van straight to the highway. But our good German friend Marcus Waterhead (tour booking) failed to pick up the van on the appointed day and met us at the airport on his feet. We started the tour in the worst way. At night we had a show in Zwickau in Germany, where, moreover, the merch we did for this tour would be delivered. So Caio, André and Matthias went straight to Zwickau to set the situation, while Danilo went with Marcus to get van. From Zwickau, the first bad news came up. Arriving at the venue where the show would happen (a small indoor paintball area/show club), Caio found that there would be no show for some unknown reason. Rogerio, Fernando, Rodrigo and me decided then to go for a cheap hostel, to wait for Danilo and Marcus with the van to go to Greifswald on Saturday. Caio and André return to Matthias´ place with him to meet us the next day in Erfurt for the backline and then we could get to Greifswald, where the tour would begin at last at the Baltic Sea Fest.

paura 1

paura 2

PUBLISHED on September 19, 2012.
UPDATED on November 26, 2012 – video diaries added.

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