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Pennsylvania hardcore documentary teaser (help needed!)

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This is the the story of Pennsylvania Hardcore, told by the people who lived it and those who love it. Check out the Indiegogo page if you’d like to help the authors complete this epic film.

Dear Hardcore family worldwide,

We come to you in a time of need to help us tell the story of the Pennsylvania Hardcore scene. We are often overlooked and in the shadow of New York. Although the history of hardcore in PA dates back to as early as 1980. We want to keep this as DIY and as true to the vision we have without distorting the truth, manipulating events or footage as possible. that being said, we would like to release this ourselves; keep “the man” out of the loop. No corporate bullshit, no censorship, no “punk” labels/distributors using the name in a false way to help line their own pockets. We at Average Superstar Films are 2 hardcore kids that grew up in the PA scene. We’ve seen a lot and we’ve been learning a lot since we started this journey We want the world to see the truth, all bullshit and drama aside, the way things should be. This is coming straight from us to you; to all the people who gave all they had to give to support this scene…from the new kids to the veterans. People all across the state have been reaching out to us, letting us know that the voice of PA needs to be heard.

So far we have only covered the Eastern half of PA. Up next is the West side (Erie and Pittsburgh). We have about 60% of the entire film completed and we need your help to finish the rest. We have close to 100 interviews with band members, promoters and people from every era of hardcore in the state. We aren’t stopping there and we plan on taking it to the next level.

Unfortunatly, we don’t have the financial backing or investors to provide us with the funds to help us get this edited by a team, pressed, distrubuted & a limited run of posters and shirts. So far we have paid for this out of our own pockets, putting both our hearts and souls into this project.

If you would like to help by doing more then just donating, you can do so by getting us footage from shows, pictures and flyers. We keep things updated on our Facebook page almost daily and you can come to us with any questions, concerns…pretty much anything you want to know or have to say.

This scene was written by us the fans and we would like to see the film done the same way.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Loren and Mark – Average Superstar Films

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