Bleeding Through by @daveymuise
Bleeding Through by @daveymuise
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Unleashing Mayhem: BLEEDING THROUGH’s Bold Return with “Our Brand Is Chaos”

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Few bands can claim to be as influential and consistent as BLEEDING THROUGH, a fact that brings immense satisfaction knowing they continue to tread an uncompromising path. This was once discussed in an interview featured in this podcast, where the band articulated their commitment to defy expectations, especially with the sound of their new tracks. Despite the anticipation of younger fans, where it might seem logical for the band to lean towards a more melodic style, they choose to forge their own way.

In a strong return to the scene, Orange County’s own BLEEDING THROUGH has unleashed their latest single, “Our Brand Is Chaos,” a track that not only reintroduces their fervor but signals the brewing storm of their forthcoming ninth studio album. Fans were given their first taste of this chaotic masterpiece through a freshly dropped stream, heralding what promises to be a monumental addition to the band’s formidable discography.

Commenting on the single, lead vocalist Brandan Schieppati states: “Our Brand Is Chaos is a statement. This is about our unrivaled support by our fans, friends and families. Together we are imperfectly perfect, pure chaos and all love. Let this be our anthem through dark time. Fuck with us and find out.”

Recorded over recent months, this new album seems poised to explore the darkest corners of BLEEDING THROUGH’s sound spectrum.

“Our Brand Is Chaos” offers a visceral blend of searing metalcore fused with unexpected elements of blackened metal and deathcore.

Listeners diving into “Our Brand Is Chaos” will find themselves enveloped in a relentless assault of rapid drumming, aggressive guitar riffs, and the raw, unfiltered emotion of the vocals, all wrapped in an epic, atmospheric, blackened orchestra atmospherics.

Destined for great achievement ever since their formation in 1999, Bleeding Through’s career has been a lengthy and star-studded one, dedicated to delivering a devastating, yet melodic and entrancing, infusion of metal and hardcore to fans worldwide. But, above all else, the band has stayed true to themselves. A testament to their momentous impact on the genre, the quintet has influenced several generations of artists since their inception and will no doubt continue to inspire fans and artists for many years to come.

Having already triumphantly reclaimed the spotlight after their biggest collective hurdle – the 2014 hiatus which many anticipated would be the end of the band’s career as a cohesive unit – Orange County quintet, Brandan Schieppati (vocals), Derek Youngsma (drums), Marta Peterson (keyboards), Brian Leppke (guitar), and Ryan Wombacher (bass), clearly know what it takes for a successful resurgence.

With five Top 50 US charting records, 100 million catalog streams, over 400k physical album sales, and tours with Slipknot, Motionless In White, Lamb of God, and Unearth under their belts, there’s no arguing with the Bleeding Through’s methods and widespread appeal.

Music’s prodigal sons have returned to retake their throne with the release of their latest single ‘Our Brand is Chaos’, and Bleeding Through have no intention of crowning a successor just yet.

The Garza podcast episode below serves as a deep dive into the history and personal trials of a genre-defining artist.

As Brandan Schieppati reminisces about his days in EIGHTEEN VISIONS and THROWDOWN, listeners gain a rare glimpse into the balancing act required to navigate multiple bands, each with their distinct demands and dynamics.

Bleeding Through


More intriguingly, the conversation unveils the musical influences that carved Brandan’s niche within the OC metalcore scene, illustrating how his unique tastes helped mold the sonic intensity for which the genre is renowned.

This dialogue also touches on the notion of “heavy shit” music and confronts rumors about Brandan’s temperament, shedding light on his professional ethos in the often tumultuous music industry.


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