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Petals of fury: A DOZEN BLACK ROSES bloom with ‘By Means Of Catastrophe’

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From the vibrant creative crucible of Nashville, TN, metalcore quartet A Dozen Black Roses has been crafting their distinctive sound with an uncanny blend of unyielding intensity and melody. Marking their latest contribution to the scene, the band has unveiled their blistering new track “By Means Of Catastrophe,” an indomitable testament to their strength.

A Dozen Black Roses, comprised of Austin Evans on vocals, Marcus Wickham on drums, and Blake Hardman and Kelly Cook handling guitar duties, sprang onto the scene with their EP ‘Treading Ever So Deeply’ in May 2022. Their debut 3-tracker was released in 2018.

A Dozen Black Roses by
A Dozen Black Roses by

“By Means Of Catastrophe,” is a relentless auditory assault that firmly reinforces their place in the metalcore landscape. This track is a veritable sonic tempest, blending ferocious riffs, punishing percussion, and Evans’ powerful vocals to create an experience that is as resonant as it is exhilarating.

The song sees A Dozen Black Roses operating at their peak, effortlessly blending the melodic and heavy aspects of their genre to deliver a track that is both accessible and uncompromising. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.


Decompose and return to form
Reject it all with nothing left to mourn
Amongst the deepest roots, you will see that there’s nothing left to find
As you try to scratch at the surface
It will all fade to nothing
You were given a choice

Enter into a world
Where satisfaction is vacant
To a place where no one is different
A domain without a surface
Another soul without a purpose
And everything that you’ve ever known has lost all formation

There are no borders or boundaries
There is nothing to keep you safe

Will you reject it all or embrace the fall?
Amidst the cowardice the angels await your call

You’ve made up your mind, and so it begins
The end of the world

You will decompose and learn to know that there is nothing to keep you safe

Take it in
Look what you’ve done
The end is here and there’s nowhere to run
We all return to nothing

Accept the end
This is what you wanted

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