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Philly heavy post hardcore band GRIP unveil final EP – listen to “Structure”

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With their final EP called “Structure” (out officially on November 3, 2022), Philly’s GRIP wrap up their chapter with eerie tones, haunting atmospherics and gritty textures that allow for an enthralling listen. Its narrative follows a transfigurative journey through descent, disorientation and eventual physical re-appropriation, echoed by frequent stylistic twists and dynamic passages, and whether it’s reinvention or simply revisitation, GRIP balance between the genre’s standards and their dark experiments to present their most complete record and one of the most notable dark post hardcore releases of 2022.

The release follows their 2019 album: “Early Iteration”, which saw them leaning into both sludge and prog influences. “Structure”, largely self-recorded in 2020 and 2022, emphasizes the group’s persistence, willingness to experiment, and increasing ambition.

The EP was self-recorded, with the exception of drums, which were recorded at Studio 1935 and Midley Grange, between 2020 and 2022 and sent to Anthony Stublek (producer of Circle Takes the Square) for mixing and mastering.

GRIP formed in 2014 with an extreme interest in melding together each member’s artistic and musical influences, featuring Alex McGady on guitar and vocals, Dan Brightcliffe on bass, and their newest member Nick Dellosa on drums.

Despite “Structure” marking the end of GRIP, Alex, Dan and Nick will continue collaborating in pursuit of greater creative achievement under the moniker “Eternal Man”.

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