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PIECE BY PIECE go controversial with a video for “Let’s Fuck”

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The newest music video for “Let’s Fuck” by LA’s PIECE BY PIECE caused some controversy around the web. The Solid Bond Records‘ band teamed up with Bonnie Rotten, a 21 years old porn star to shoot this video. The whole concept has been taken by some as standing against the core ethics prominent in the punk and hardcore scenes, which include treating women with honor & respect, not emanating the image of them being sexual objects. A stupid move or a lukewarm joke? You be the judge – watch the video below.

Also, don’t be fooled by the song and scroll down to hear their entire new EP!

Hailing from LA PIECE BY PIECE need no introduction. Individual track records speak for themselves (Terror, Carry On, Internal Affairs) and recorded by singer Nick Jett (producer/engineer – Rotting Out/Take Offense/Down To Nothing/Strife/Backtrack). They pull no punches and play by no rules. Having released a series of EP’s (1917/Takeover/Malfunction Records) since their inception in 2001, PRIMITIVE AS FUCK will be their first since 2011’s self titled LP on Reaper Records and have had their share of US, Japan, and Mexico touring along side appearances at United Blood and Sound and Fury fests. This latest offering “Primitive As Fuck” delivers in every sense of the meaning.

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