Pinhead Records releases tracklisting & teaser video for upcoming compilation “International Punk Rock Superstars Vol. 7

Up-and-coming Florida punk/ska label Pinhead Records have revealed the tracklisting and released a teaser video for volume 7 of their long-running compilation series, entitled “International Punk Rock Superstars.” The comp will be free to download and will feature songs from SIT ON IT, FAIRBANKS, VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCE, THE MONDALES, UNIFORMS, and a bunch of other awesome bands. You can check out the tracklisting and teaser video below.

“International Punk Rock Superstars Vol. 7″ is set to be released on February 5th.

1. Sit On It – I’ve Made a Huge Mistake
2. Fairbanks – Distilled Manx
3. 4 Aspirin Morning – Cemetery Song
4. The Minors – Adidas
5. Uniforms – Not Tonight
6. The Hoverounds – Lower Middle Class, Going Down
7. Cash For Soul – Nothing
8. Relationship Issues – Blue
9. Victims Of Circumstance – Riddled
10. Lemon Law – Too Fat For Florida
11. The Nefidovs – Better Wake Up
12. Brunt Of It – Reality Sets In
13. Just Another Lie – Al O Tigara (Romanian)
14. Juice – I’m Coming Home
15. Escape Velocity – Comfort From Your Screen
16. General Tso’s Fury – These Shoes
17. Sober Dave And The Drunken Ramblings – Oxford.Summer.2011
18. A Guy Named Guy – Of All The Things I’ve Done (No Hope)
19. Brutal Youth – Best Policy
20. Eat Defeat – 2012
21. The Mondales – SearchSnake and Destroy
22. Be Like Max – Get Over It
23. No Choice! – Kredit Na Dobar Dan (Serbian)
24. Plug – You Will Lose Faith (NOFX)
25. Alex Retro – You’re Wrong, Colonel Sanders!

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