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CA street punks SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE release new rowdy LP “Transplant Pulse”

Currently known as the hardest working band in punk rock, San Diego, CA street punks, SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE have returned once again. After touring relentlessly for years, it’s amazing that they were even able to release their new effort, TRANSPLANT PULSE, only a year after their last release, Driven Red. This album was just released in March and every song on it is pure energy.

Starting off with INSIDE SALEM, a fast, dirty, 3-chord street punk song sung by Molly. The next song, 2388, is a great tune as well. With a great oi! feel and its clever numerical references, I can totally picture The Count from Sesame Street in the pit for this song as well! It starts with a slow riff, then Molly and the rest kick in and set things off. A great album highlight for me.

Up next is THEY DON’T CARE. A great anthem song sung by Chy Mess that is also catchy as hell. Great punk lyrics and tons of energy make this track another standout. The title track, TRANSPLANT PULSE is next. Molly sings this back and forth vocal pattern song that keeps the listener captivated on the music. Next up is, THREAT TO THEM. As my favorite song on the record, it is another great Anthem reminding you to stand up to the establishment. Sung by both Molly and Chy in a back and forth manner give the song a good RANCID feel to it as well.

Molly’s bass line and vocals on RABID UNIFORMS is sure to please the street punk listener as well. I love Molly’s gritty vocal style that reminds me quite a bit like older DISTILLERS songs. The next song, PROGRAMMED, is another great song sung by Molly and Chy alternating verses and teaming up for the choruses! It shows off the band’s dynamic without loosing any punk rock authenticity whatsoever. Molly opens the next track, CODE 51, with a cool bass line and they continue to trade vocals on this song as well.  I love it. Their style totally works for me.

They close out the record with the final track entitled BLOT. Drummer, Justin Ruppert, also shows off his chops on this song quite a bit. Especially during the build up part before the ending. More alternating vocals on this track is just fine with me as this band has its formula down pat. Having seen this punk rock power trio live while on tour with them in Florida, their live shows and music releases never disappoint. Constantly touring, this band is bound to hit your area sometime soon. You need to check out their live show and this release and after that , ya know, little pandemic going on.


CA street punks SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE release new rowdy LP “Transplant Pulse”
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