Play for fun! An interview with Pamplona rock band 1990!

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8 months after the release of their second EP, Spanish duo from Pamplona, Navarra called 1990 (NINETEEN NINETY) check in with their first proper presentation here on IDIOTEQ. Most of you knowntheir hometown because of “San Fermines”, a celebration for the people of Pamplona and Navarra including the popular running of bulls event, and that’s one of the subjects we’ve touched on in our interview. Musically, 1990 capture the good vibes of the 90s bands like KYUSS, blending them with some old stuff like LED ZEPPELIN. Listen and read the full interview below.

Hey there guys! Thanks so much for taking some time with us! What’s up? I’ve been cruising through the streets of your hometown of Pamplona on Google StreetView and it looks like such a nice place to be! Please tell us a little bit about yourselves, your origin and background.

Hi Karol, yeah Pamplona is a nice place to live, It’s a small city but with a huge festival, “San Fermín”. About ourselves, we were classmates at school, since then we get on with like a house on fire. We have been playing in several bands together. We started our new band “1990” at the end of 2013, since then we released two EP.

Oh yeah, the festival :) I realize that it’s a part of your culture, but I gotta be honest here. Balconies full of screaming spectators as angry bulls come catapulting up the narrow streets of Pamplona give me the creeps. I’m totally against using animals in such fiestas, but on the other hand, I’m aware of such traditions being much more than just cruel fun. What’s your view on the festival and the concept of bull-runners? Can you explain it for someone who is confused about it?

Well actually, the running of the bulls is pretty cool you must be really brave to run it. It isn’t as bullfighting besides is extremely dangerous. It’s part of our culture. Without it “San Fermín” won’t be the same.

I’ve read somewhere that the popularity of Pamplona and the festival has unleashed the flood of more random tourists and created some problems. Have you experienced some difficulties in your everyday lives because of that?

Not at all. It’s great to have tourism! During the year there are lots of pilgrims doing the way of St James. Usually elder people that look relaxed. Tourists change dramatically in Sanfermines but the vast majority of them come here to enjoy and have fun, so no problem.

What do you enjoy about your local culture that you don’t get in other places outside Navarra?

Our food is absolutely delicious. Navarra vegetables are wonderful, for instance peppers, artichokes or asparagus. Navarra’s cheese is rad! You should try it. Our beef is outstanding well, meat in general. “Pintxos” are mouth-watering and “Patxaran” gives you a massive hangover.

How is your local music scene in Pamplona? What is the overall energy of independent art there?

Leaving aside the mainstream which is obviously pop, reggeton, and international artists with their hit song which most of them are one hit wonders.

Pamplona has two scenes, the first one is a kind of classic rock -influenced hard rock or even heavy , with lyrics in Basque or Spanish. The second one also called ” Indie “. Most of this bands sound the same: soft pop or synth pop , although there are a few with a punk rock orientation. Their lyrics are usually in Spanish, a few in English, Basque or even in French.

Anyway If you doesn’t fit in any of these groups, you’re out of the scene.

On energy, the truth is that it is weak! It’s really tough starting as an artist. Very little support and just for artists who are already famous.


Which of those local artists left a lasting impression? Can you name some good examples of bands and works worth checking out?

Ok for instance DAWN OF THE MAYA, KOKOSHCA, PLEXUS, RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL, TONINO CARATONE. And there are a few more like “BARRICADA“, “EL DROGAS” or “MAREA” which are short of local heroes.

Ok, so back to your band, please drop us a couple of lines about the inception of 1990 and tell us what prompted you to name your band the way that makes it impossible to find you in Google, haha. What was the initial concept for the band?

The 90’s is a the decade we went through as teenagers so the bands we used to listen then , those styles and different sounds are the ones that influenced us the most. So thats why we named the band this way.

The band started and is still starting the same way, Javi has some good ideas, riffs and stuff and after showing them at the rehearsal room, we both star putting things together and turning these ideas into songs. The concept for the band is the same now than it was at the beginning, just play for fun and maybe why not..become rock stars.


Haha, cool.

Can you explain how the creative processes behind your both EPs compared? Do you see the band evolving into something you ultimately want it to be?

It’s quite the same as it was 2 or 3 years ago, ideas evolve but the processes are still the same.

What did you most enjoy about running 1990?

First of all and as we said before, we like the same music and we always thought about playing our own songs. Our music, to fulfill our desires, not as in some previous bands that we had been playing together. A 4 piece band is a shit to compose songs. It’s even worse when someone -the frontman most of the times- try to be your boss, telling you what you must play in each song. At the end of the day, We know that this shit will not happend in 1990, and this is the most important thing for us.

1990 rock band

OK, so finally, tells us something about your upcoming projects and future plans.

We Have fucking great new songs, we are just waiting to record them and show em to everyone. We’ll be playing live as soon as we can.

Thanks so much for your time. Best regards from Warsaw and take care! The last words are yours!

You are welcome, thanks for your interview you got two friends in Pamplona! We will let you know our further releases! Keep Rocking and long life to IDIOTEQ! Cheers

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