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POLAR vocalist shares top 5 records of the year – post hardcore / metalcore quartet readying new album for January

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UK post-hardcore quartet POLAR are set to release new album Everywhere, Everything on January 13 via Arising Empire, and with the end of the year approaching and the annual emergence of best of lists popping up every day, we have teamed up with the band’s vocalist Woody (Adam Woodford) to give you his top 5 records of the year! Check it out below.

Filled with a sense of uncertainty in a world turned upside down, Polar went to work on new material that lyrically delves deep within the self, while musically treading new and experimental grounds.

The band have previously released the albums Nova (2019), No Cure No Saviour (2016), Shadowed By Vultures (2014), and Iron Lungs (2012).

Polar is Adam Woodford [vocals], Fabian Lomas [guitar], Gav Thane [bass], and Noah See [drums].

With four new singles out in the world, the band is excited to take to the stage after years of musical and personal growth behind the scenes. Polar will be “everywhere” soon.

POLAR by Tom Adam Green
POLAR by Tom Adam Green

Best of 2022 – top records of the year, by POLAR’s vocalist Woody:

L S Dunes – Past Lives

L S Dunes caught my attention as soon as they were announced before I heard a note because it was super group of some my favourite musicians from Circa Survive, My Chemical Romance and Coheed and Cambria. Past Lives is post hardcore at its rawest and energetic and drives melody throughout the whole record with some monstrous chorus that will be stuck in your head. I can’t put this record down for all those reasons.

Fleshwater – We’re Not Here to Be Loved

Somebody posted their single ‘Kiss the Ladder’ on their insta story and the first thing that grabbed me was the artwork, it gave me huge Glassjaw vibes, so I checked them out. I’m addicted to this record, it has a huge shoe gaze element mixed with a 90’s grunge feels to it but with some very cool heavy dynamics which remind me of Deftones first record ‘Adrenaline’ Get to know this band, you will become addicted like me.

Counterparts – A Eulogy for Those Still Here

We have had the pleasure of touring with these guys a few times and it’s been incredible to follow their journey. Brendan Murphy (Vocalist) is a master of his art when it comes to the lyrical content and for me this album is some of his strongest work to date. This album delivers melody perfectly balanced with bone crushing riffs; this record will get your blood pumping.

Architects – The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit

This record didn’t sink in the first time because they have evolved and pushed a new sound but being a fan of their back catalogue, it took a few listens to absorb their progression. Sam is a big influence on myself with his vocal style and delivery and hearing the new record I have found myself inspired but the changes he has made. This is their most commercial record, but you can hear in this album the amount thought and planning that has gone into this record for them to push themselves and create music that opens and exposes the truth depth of Architect’s sound.

State Of You – State of You (EP)

Every single musician in this band played in Polar at some point and my good friend Stephen Sitkowski is now singing and they are blasting some full throttle punk rock in the vein of The Bronx and ETID and some larger-than-life choruses that will get into skin. Its great to see friends coming back and doing what they love, and we have their backs fully. Get this EP in your ears now.

POLAR’s new album “Everywhere Everything” out January 13th 2023.

POLAR live by @germauxvisuals
POLAR live by @germauxvisuals

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