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Polish metalcore pack PALE PATH share new video for “Two Black Hills”

Polish atmospheric metalcore act PALE PATH have shared their new music video for the single “Two Black Hills”, coming from their new album “Flat Line”. The upcoming full length will mark their debut full length and first multi-track release since 2019 EP “Primal”.

““Two Black Hills” describes a reality where the majority willingly surrenders control to false leaders. It is a warning against laziness, sloppiness and lack of interest in one’s own fate. Motivation to act and get involved in issues related to our lives.” – comments the band.

As the band has repeatedly emphasized, its main idea behind this creation is uncompromising. This is exactly the case with the new single. Produced by Filip Hałucha (Heinrich House Studio), recorded in Nebula Studio and mixed by the Swedish master of modern metal, Henrik Udd (Imminence, Architects and Bring Me the Horizon), the single is backed by a video directed by Aleksander Kropidłowski.


The striking visualizer flashes, morphs, skips, disappears, and attacks the listener with a blast. The team and director opted for an innovative and aggressive use of image glitching technology, including 3D formats and visual effects that decompose the original image and fit Pale Path‘s heavy sonic thunders perfectly.

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