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Political punks DYYM strike strong chords with melodious, yet hard-hitting debut “2020”

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In a whirlwind of political, social and economic turmoil in Poland, the country flooded with expanded social benefits to buy the favour of voters in elections, the firther advancement of political movements arising from national-populist sentiments, and the rise of populists unleashing antisemitic hysteria or strengthening fear of outsiders, clashed with the global pandemic situation, comes the state of uncertainty.

Not afraid of tough verbal confrontation and ready to break this dangerous cycle, Poznań based melodic, high-octane hardcore punks DYYM (members of APATIA, NEXT VICTIM or MIND POLLUTION) have recently released their protest album “2020”, filled with engaged lyrics focusing on the diseases of modern life, such as ignorance, consumptionism, or deterioration of the environment. Members of DYYM support animal liberation and women rights movements and serve as a perfect example of a project that is certainly more than just music.

DYYM band

DYYM combines what’s best in vigurous and energy filled hardcore punk, but their music avoids strict labels. This means that each track surprises the listener with mixed levels of intensity, and a wide set of arrangements.

In “Utopia”, the trance sound combines with a harmonious drum beat, while “Zero waste” or “Przemoc” [“Violence”] are straightforward hardcore punk songs with mixed vocals.

DYYM band

What all songs have in common though, are melodic guitar riffs, furious male / female vocals, and the DIY spirit.

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