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Poor Mark Hunter of CHIMARIA; the band breaks up [UPDATE]

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After the recent departure of the band‘s lead guitarist Emil Werstler, all remaining members but Mark Hunter have quit the band! The band (aside from Mark) has issued the following message. Though it’s not a big surprise (the band have faced numerous line-up changes throughout its history), the whole thing may up in the grave.

Guitarist Matt Szlachta, keyboardist/vocalist Sean Zatorsky, bassist Jeremy Creamer and drummer Austin D’Amond issued the following statement via

In light of recent news, the rest of the band have decided to part ways with Chimaira. For us this was a great stepping stone, and an honor to play these songs live, and fulfill an incredible legacy. This was an an excellent platform to help continue playing music, when our collective bands [Dååth, Bleed the Sky and Dirge Within] either ended or went on a hiatus. Chimaira was an amazing experience and we look forward to future music endeavors with each other.

Lead guitarist Emil Werstler announced his departure a few days earlier. He stated:

My time in Chimaira has, unfortunately, come to an end. It is time for me to move on as I continue to focus on harvesting my abilities as a musician. I’m very fond of everyone in the band and wish them all the best in the future.

Although this was a difficult choice to make, I feel it was necessary in order to take the next step in my career. The best is still yet to come and I’m very excited for the multiple projects I am working on. I would like to thank the band, management, and, most importantly, all the fans for the endless support and understanding.

[UPDATE / September 5th] The band has officially broken up. Here’s the official word:

“After fifteen full blown ass ripping years, it is with great honor to announce the end of Chimaira.

Thanks to everyone that supported the group in any way shape or form. Everyone involved with the band from members to fans put their heart and soul into this project.

We achieved a lot. We bled a lot. It fucking ruled.”


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