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Post hardcore act LENTIC WATERS goes eerie, atmospheric and misty: watch new video for the “Tide”!

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3 weeks after the release of their multi-layered, varied and complex album “Bird”, German mellow, post rock tinged post hardcore act LENTIC WATERS are back with a new music video for their song “Tide”!

Bird is not just an animal, that’s for sure, but also the title of Lentic Water’s new full-length album. About four years after their previous album “The Path”, the band returns not only with 14 new tracks (11 songs and 3 interludes) but also with a new member: Welcome Spence (Saligia, The Gentle Art Of Chokin’, Delos) as their new singer. And that’s not the only thing new about Lentic Waters, it’s their sound as well. Finding influences of bands like Pinback, Built To Spill and Pygmy Lush in their sound, Lentic Waters transformed from a dark post-hardcore band into an emo/indie act with smooth, almost post-rock-ish elements.

Bird” is out now through I.Corrupt.Records, Narshardaa Records, IFB Records and Middle Man Records!

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