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Post hardcore noise rockers CERE unveil enrapturing debut “Endless Days”, new video streaming

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CERE is a brand new three piece band from Brussels, delivering an intense music that takes inspirations from both post-punk and noise rock music. Their debut offering “Endless Days” delivers an ever-present feeling of urgency and the band themselves are a clear example of DY approach, trying to take control of every aspect of being a band, from designing its own artworks to making music videos by themselves. Sounds like a perfect fit for IDIOTEQ? Listen and see for yourself!

The very first effort of the band, Endless Days was recorded live at Very Nice by Robin Rigaux, just between the two covid lockdowns. Through six explosive songs, the band seeks to put words on several fears anchored in today’s world, such as the uncanny valley, Hong Kong’s riots, loneliness or something more personal: Fatherhood.

“When I wrote the lyrics of this song, I was in hospital for the birth of my daughter.” – comments the band’s vocalist Pierre. “I was afraid of not being able to handle it. It was kind of an introspection on the moment of becoming a father. It was a way for me to say : “OK rewind quickly your memories in your head, and push rec on the recorder because life won’t never be the same again.””


“The fun fact is that i never spoke with David about the meaning of the song. So when he said to us that he wanted to do the music video for this specific song, we let him do his thing. GREEN LIGHT. And I realize now he understood the song another way. For him, it’s just kind of how sudden life can come to an end.”

The band is available for live shows in Germany and Czech Republic. Contact them via [email protected] to book a show.

In the visualized track closing track “Roses“, first written as an introspective letter to a future daddy, drummer David Temprano gave a really different interpretation to the track in the video that he directed. The idea was to make a video from found footage of crash test dummies.

David says : “I wanted to glorify the least glamorous “person” I could find. I was struck with the song’s first sentence “it’s funny how your life switches in the blink of an eye”. The irony of the CTD having a fatal crash is that it is the closest it actually gets to live a real experience. He was born to die. The meaning of life to him is in the way he dies. I wanted to take a perspective from which crash test dummies have their own mythology and spirituality, for them to have a personal understanding of death and the meaning of life. “


The band will play its first shows in September and are starting to book shows in Europe. Get in touch via [email protected] to book a gig!

04/09 : La Zone, Liège (BEL)
23/09 : Cafe Central, Brussels (BEL)
09/10 : Funhouse Fest, Genk (BEL)

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