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Post punk act PALM GHOSTS premieres “Quit Kidding Yourself” ina stark ode to the misled

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Casting a sepulchral spell with their latest offering, Palm Ghosts set out to unfold a saga through sound and vision, a phantasmagoria to be unfurled fortnightly. Starting March 15, 2024, Palm Ghosts began releasing a series of songs and videos, one at a time, every two weeks, that will end up populating four EPs and ultimately a double LP by the end of the year.

Today, we step into the shadowy narrative woven by the band as they premiere their hauntingly insightful single “Quit Kidding Yourself” from the ‘Escape EP,’ a prelude to the ‘Facades 1’ of their ambitious double LP—a Benjamin Douglas video accompaniment deepening the stark exploration of manipulation and self-deception as articulated by Joseph Lekkas.

The opus in question, a double LP cryptically christened ‘Facades’, promises an odyssey through a kaleidoscope of genres and emotions, a tapestry of twenty tracks woven with the spectral threads of the band’s expansive discography.

Here, in Palm Ghosts’ otherworldly bazaar, you’ll find ballads steeped in the essence of love’s lament, next to anthems echoing the resilience of survival in the modern specter of existence. A dance of light and shadow, with melodies both angelic and somber, all bearing the indelible phantom fingerprint of Palm Ghosts.

Palm Ghosts

Joseph Lekkas, the spectral sentinel of Palm Ghosts, intones, “‘Quit Kidding Yourself‘ is a song about how easy people are taken in by manipulative predators, and how far they will travel from reason to justify it.” It’s a chilling echo that reverberates through the chasms of human folly and frailty.

Adorning this macabre masterpiece is the artistry of Unexpected Specter, whose talents extend beyond the aural to the visual, draping the band’s merch in shadows and whispers.

Detached from the twang and jangle of their Nashville abode, Palm Ghosts align themselves with the rain-slicked pavements of Manchester and the stark, wintry breath of Berlin.

Here, amidst the shivering synths and moaning guitars, they conjure their alchemy of cinematic dream pop and new wave, swirled with the dark incantations of post-punk.

Catch the evocative soundscapes of Palm Ghosts as they embark on a mesmerizing tour, joined by the electrifying Bellhead and other stellar acts. Their journey kicks off on Thursday, April 11th at The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, IN, and weaves through iconic venues like Liar’s Club in Chicago and Musica in Akron. See the full list of dates HERE.

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