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Introducing: post punk / cold wave act RENMIN RIBAO

Inspired by William Burroughs writing, with “lyrics mainly referring to real events and showing process of autodestruction slowly creating a new post life reality”, Poznań, Poland based post punk act RENMIN RIBAO just dropped their debut 3-tracker “Who Controls?”, and to celebrate, we have teamed up with the trio to get some more details about their work and give you the full stream of the atmospheric record below.

Comments the band:

Our band was founded just before the pandemic and lockdowns started in Europe. In the beginning we were still planning our first gigs, but we had to drop those hopes for obvious reasons. However this whole situation allowed us more to focus on composing and recording our album, and also brought us more close together as friends as we spend the whole lockdown, which is now just easing in Poland, together.

Our name and graphic design were derived from Chinese culture and history. The name, Renmin Ribao, which means People’s Daily, comes from the official newspaper of the Chinese communist party and we like to use illustrations from historical Chinese papers. We don’t really want to dwell into discussions about China as it is a stylistic procedure, not a political one.

We are inspired by the classic 80’s sounds, which is reflected for example by use of classic synth sounds such as ARP Solina, as well as black metal, electronica and protopunk bands like The Sonics and The Stooges.


Everything was recorded and mastered by our good friend Jaroslaw Kawałek.. It was his first contact with the post punk genre as a producer – he is more accustomed to classic/psychedelic rock, represented also by his band The End. The recording took place in Jaroslaw’s home studio, so it’s very DIY. It took some time to get the cold, spacey sound we were looking for, but we are quite pleased with the end result.

At this point, we focus on creating new material and hope to start performing as soon as possible and maybe drop another album this year.


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Introducing: post punk / cold wave act RENMIN RIBAO
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