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Post punk / cold wave band TRUE FAITH release magnetic energy with their new single “Gestalt”; debut LP coming up!

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Fresh on the heels of their Leucovorin Rescue b/w What Is Owed 7”, TRUE FAITH emerges with their debut full-length album, They Can Always Hurt You More (out November 2nd via à La Carte Records) — a bleak introspective view into the dehumanizing experience of medical trainees. Entering the last year of their medical education, the members of True Faith serve up this album as a reflection of the trials and tribulations of the past year. Today, the band joins us to share their first single “Gestalt”, along with a great new music video above!

“Lyrically, the song really centers around this feeling of being pushed to your breaking point.” – comments the band. “The bullshit that we have to deal with day-to-day, whether that be from our jobs, our relationships, our other obligations, we have a tendency to become worn down and conditioned by the abuse we take on a daily basis.”

“For us as a band, this ultimately comes in the form of the shit we take as trainees in the medical field. Over the last four years, we’ve put every ounce of effort into a system that doesn’t value us and so many of our peers just sit there and accept it as normal. Ultimately, we have to take a step back and ask ourselves “Haven’t you had enough?” which is echoed throughout the chorus of the song.”

True Faith - band photo by Chris Ma
True Faith – band photo by Chris Ma

Musically, the song is a little bit of a departure from TRUE FAITH’s earlier material while still staying somewhat true to the guitar-based 80’s post-punk sound that influences the quintet (e.g. The Chameleons, The Sound, Sad Lovers & Giants, etc).

“It is the first instance of us playing as a full 5-piece band, which I think adds another dimension to the song in comparison to our previous releases.” – they add.

The video is the band’s interpretation of the song’s meaning. In the video, you can see the person running from an unknown entity, practically guarding this mysterious case in the process.

“We see the case as a representation of our goals, passions, desires, the things that make us do the things we do every day.” – explains the band. “We often guard these feelings to protect them from the daily grind and bullshit, which this person is maybe running from. And at the end, when he has gotten out and in a safe spot and opens the case… well, who knows what’s actually in it.”

True Faith - band photo by Chris Ma (
True Faith – band photo by Chris Ma

“Ultimately a statement of how we go through such great length to protect our ideals in the face of adversity and in the very end, those ideals might not even be what we thought they were in the first place.”

TRUE FAITH are: Travis Benson – Vocals and Guitar, Dylan Kotliar – Bass, Quentin Moyer – Guitar, Francisco Ilabaca – Synth, Tom Weir – Drums

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