A Place To Bury Strangers by James Parker
A Place To Bury Strangers by James Parker
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Post-Punk Shorts of the week of February 19th

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Dive into the shadowy world of post-punk this week as we spotlight a lineup that’s stirring the dark waters of music. From the enigmatic shores of Kruszwica, KRUSCHWITZ debuts with “Pelikan,” a track seeping with post-punk vitality and thought-provoking narratives inspired by Andrzej Bursa, signaling the arrival of their album “KRSWTZ.” GRIEVING STATE, out of Austin, Texas, envelops us in “The Meadows Of Memory,” a digital album that channels the essence of ’80s dystopian dreams through its dark, noisy atmospheres. Find this and a lot more below.

💨 Post Punk / New Wave / Dark Wave

KRUSCHWITZ, a band hailing from Kruszwica, is set to make waves with their debut single from the upcoming album “KRSWTZ.”

Their music, a fusion of post-punk energy and thought-provoking lyrics, draws from Andrzej Bursa’s works, bringing a fresh edge to the scene. The single “Pelikan,” available for streaming, is a glimpse into their 8-track album full of catchy and energetic songs, releasing on February 23, 2024.

Describing themselves as mature rebels with a complex relationship with their city, Kruschwitz is driven by a need to voice certain issues, despite the distance between members. Their music reflects a blend of anger and passion, with influences ranging from local bands of the late ’80s to a unique Finnish drummer adding an exotic touch.

“Pelikan” and the rest of the “KRSWTZ” album promise a sonic therapy session for those who appreciate deep content and unsettling sounds, with lyrics that engage with current and historical events, offering 23 minutes of invigorating post-punk revival.

Slide into the shadowy depths with GRIEVING STATE’s latest drop, “The Meadows Of Memory.”

This digital album, straight outta Austin, Texas, is a heady blend of dark, noisy atmospheres and raw post-punk energy, feeling like an unreleased soundtrack from an ’80s dystopian sci-fi flick that never saw the light of day.

French cold wave and minimal synth duo LOVATARAXX have emerged with their latest offering, “Tilda Vaast,” the lead single from their upcoming album “Sophomore,” scheduled for release on April 5th via Cold Transmission Music.

The evocative single, now available on all digital platforms, delves into themes of solitude and longing, echoing the haunting depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

Driven by personal reflection, Julien from the band shares the poignant inspiration behind “Tilda Vaast,” drawing from memories of his grandmother and her enigmatic past. The accompanying music video, directed by Ramataupia and starring actress Ayris Taban, adds a visual layer of depth to the introspective track.

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS dropped a new single and video, “Change Your God,” as part of their innovative 7-inch series, The Sevens, through Dedstrange.

This series, featuring white vinyls released monthly through April, dives into unseen tracks from their sixth album, “See Through You.” Known for their intense blend of post-punk and shoegaze, the band continues to push boundaries, offering fans a deeper look into their evolving sound.

Frontman Oliver Ackerman aims to reconnect with the band’s roots, presenting these raw, personal tracks outside the album context to highlight their unique journey. With a reputation for electrifying performances and groundbreaking sound, A Place To Bury Strangers is gearing up for their seventh album this fall, following the highly praised “See Through You” and constant touring.

RULE OF TWO, a new venture from Ronny Flissundet and Kristian Liljan of Norway’s alt-rock scene, ventures into the realms of dark wave and post-punk with their latest single “ELUSIVE INFINITY.”

Known for their work with bands like Damokles and Dunderbeist, the duo’s electronic side project diverges into a soundscape that melds shoegazing dream pop, darkwave synth pop, trip-hop, and ambient sounds, prioritizing atmosphere and melody.

Swedish post-punk trio THEN COMES SILENCE is set to drop their latest single, ‘Ride or Die’, on March 1, offering a glimpse into their forthcoming seventh album, ‘Trickery’.

Signed to Metropolis Records, the band’s new record celebrates friendship, unity, and the sense of belonging to a tribe. Their first single, ‘Ride or Die’, has already made waves by reaching #3 in Germany’s authoritative DAC Charts.

Formed in Stockholm in 2012, THEN COMES SILENCE comprises frontman ALEX SVENSON, drummer JONAS FRANSSON, and HUGO ZOMBIE on guitar. Drawing inspiration from frequent touring with A Place To Bury Strangers and a fascination with horror and the occult, the band delivers a captivating blend of goth rock, post-punk, and darkwave.

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