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Experimental Shorts of the week of February 19th

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This week in experimental music, we’re diving into an eclectic mix of intriguing updates. From PORTISHEAD’s reissue of their 1998 live masterpiece, “Roseland NYC Live,” now in digipak CD and limited red vinyl, to the avant-jazz fusion sounds of SONS OF RA’s new EP “Tropic Of Cancer”. Dive into the resilience of the Ukrainian electronic scene during wartime, explore TO END IT ALL’s dark ambient journey in “Of Blood And Memory,” and get lost in Gabbarein’s haunting ethereal folk single “Jeg Hører Deg.” Don’t miss the ironic jazz twists of WORLD DREAM CONSPIRACY’s “Sexy Jazz Night” or DÄLEK revisiting their seminal album “Negro Necro Nekros” with a fresh perspective. See more below!

Experimental / Electronic / Trip-Hop / Jazz / Avant-Garde

PORTISHEAD announces the reissue of their 1998 live album, Roseland NYC Live, now available in digipak CD and limited red vinyl editions.

The remastered release includes expanded tracks like ‘Undenied’, ‘Numb’, and the full-length version of ‘Western Eyes’. The digipak CD features a 12-page booklet and a recreation of the backstage pass from the 1997 concert.

The limited red vinyl set includes a gatefold sleeve and a double-sided fold out poster. Additionally, a limited 10-inch vinyl companion release is available exclusively through the band’s online store, featuring live recordings of ‘Sour Times’ and ‘Roads’. Adrian Utley, overseeing the reissue production, reflects on the memorable show preceding their second album’s release and the extensive world tour that followed.

The physical reissue announcement coincides with Beth Gibbons’ debut solo album, Lives Outgrown, set for release in May.

German artist BEHEKSTE has unveiled a captivating new release titled “Desolated,” a mesmerizing journey through ambient and dungeon synth realms.

With each track meticulously crafted, Behekste delivers an emotive exploration of abandoned kings’ halls, mysterious dungeons, and desolate ruins, evoking a sense of melancholy and introspection.

The album, released on February 21, 2024, features 13 meticulously composed tracks, each offering a unique sonic narrative. From the haunting echoes of “Flattering Torchlight” to the solemn introspection of “Solitude,” Behekste skillfully weaves a tapestry of atmospheric textures and emotive melodies.

“Desolated” is a cinematic journey through the shadows of a forgotten realm, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its atmospheric landscapes and melancholic melodies.

Avant-rock trio Il Sogno Del Marinaio, featuring bassist Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges), experimentalist Stefano Pilia, and drummer Paolo Mongardi, unveil their third album ‘Terzo,’ alongside an exclusive 7″ single ‘Wing And A Prayer.’

Set for release on May 3rd, 2024, via Improved Sequence, the album showcases a sinuous blend of avant-rock dynamism, incorporating elements of post-punk, free jazz, kosmische, dub, and post-rock. With influences ranging from Tortoise to Television and This Heat, ‘Terzo’ promises to be a captivating exploration of musical boundaries, anchored by Watt’s spoken word, Pilia’s celestial playing, and Mongardi’s steady rhythms. Featuring collaborations with Ramon Moro on trumpet and Petra Haden on vocals, and mixed by thighpaulsandra and mastered by Giovanni Versari, ‘Terzo’ represents a bold and confident step forward for the band, embracing new possibilities while staying true to their restless and uncompromising spirit.

Chicago-based instrumental avant-jazz fusion trio SONS OF RA announced the release of their new EP, “Tropic Of Cancer,” set to drop independently on April 19th.

The EP, featuring six parts, showcases the band’s eclectic sound, drawing from avant-garde music, classic jazz fusion, and post-progressive elements. Drummer Michael Rataj, saxophonist/bassist Keith Wakefield, and guitarist Erik Oldman form the core of the group, with guest performances on violin, pipa, and flute expanding the sonic palette.

SONS OF RA released a video for the third movement of the EP, “Tropic Of Cancer Part III,” giving listeners a taste of their evolving sound over the past four years. The band incorporates elements of jazz and soul, layering textures and dynamics honed through years of live performances.

We’ve just dropped a new piece that takes a deep dive into the resilience and creativity of the Ukrainian electronic scene amidst the ongoing war.

This article shines a light on the labels, venues, and media outlets that are keeping the beat alive against all odds. From underground clubs to online platforms, discover how these music mavens are navigating the challenges of war with unwavering spirit and innovation.

Whether you’re a die-hard electronic fan or just someone who appreciates the strength of human spirit, this read is for you.

Seattle based avant-garde outfit TO END IT ALL is set to drop their latest offering, “Of Blood And Memory,” via Roman Numeral Records on April 19, 2024.

The album, available digitally and on vinyl, showcases the collaborative efforts of sound artist Masaaki Masao and vocalist Joy Von Spain. Known for their eclectic sound, the duo weaves together elements ranging from dark ambient drones to doom metal riffs, creating a multifaceted sonic experience. “Of Blood And Memory” features guest appearances by cellist Lori Goldston and vocalist/guitarist A. K. O’Neill, among others. Additionally, a remix companion LP will accompany the release, featuring contributions from artists such as irr.app.(ext.) and Blood Box. To commemorate the album’s launch, a multimedia acoustic performance will take place in Seattle on April 18, followed by a West Coast tour featuring a full electric rendition of the album.

Norwegian/American ethereal folk duo Gabbarein, featuring members of NOUS and Ghost Against Ghost, mesmerize music enthusiasts with their haunting new single, “Jeg Hører Deg” (“I Hear You”), accompanied by a captivating music video.

The single offers a glimpse into the duo’s self-titled debut album, scheduled for release on April 5, 2024, by Our Silent Canvas Records, showcasing improvised vocals and sparse yet profound arrangements. See our special feature and watch the video HERE.

Swedish Columbia ignites the digital soundscape with “Birds” by catbeats, an EP that transcends the ordinary.

Elevating from its single’s roots, this collection is infused with the essence of internet sensation, Steve B the Cat, enveloping listeners in a carefree feline paradise adorned with bird chirps and saxophone flourishes.

The EP doesn’t just stop at “Birds”; it introduces a cast of characters like Shy Ronnie the Raccoon and Pam through Bandcamp-exclusive tracks, broadening Steve B’s whimsical universe. This collaboration stems from a serendipitous reunion: catbeats’ creator and Steve B’s human companion, high school friends reconnected in the pandemic’s midst, birthing this unique musical venture.

THIEF, the Los Angeles-based experimental electronic project, has unveiled a chilling new video single titled “Paramnesia,” extracted from their upcoming album “Bleed, Memory,” slated for release on April 19, 2024.

The song delves into the haunting realms of paranormal activity, exploring the disorder of ‘paramnesia,’ where real memories intertwine with fantasy. Mastermind Dylan Neal shares a deeply personal narrative behind the track, inspired by his father’s battle with dementia, infusing the music with searing industrial choruses and witch house granular synths set against gritty breakbeats. The accompanying music video portrays Neal navigating his father’s disorienting consciousness, symbolizing the journey through confusion and fantastical realms. “Bleed, Memory” is a poignant exploration of memory and identity, drawing from sampled sacred chants and granular synthesis to evoke a haunted sonic landscape. With a blend of ambient, industrial, choral, and black metal influences, THIEF delivers a darkly beautiful contemplation of dementia’s devastating effects, haunting listeners with its profound emotional resonance.

Slide into the sultry vibes of “Sexy Jazz Night” by WORLD DREAM CONSPIRACY, a debut that’s stirring up the scene with its ironic take on jazz, blending it with experimental twists that would make Throbbing Gristle nod in approval.

Released digitally with a unique limited edition CDR in a metal mini-box, this album is a collector’s dream, capped at just 17 autographed pieces.

The album will be officially released on limited edition vinyl via The Circle Music and Logical Absurd on 26 March and is available to pre-order.

Tracks like “The Jazz Parade” and “Clapton’s Cocaine” showcase a sound collage that’s as eclectic as it is mesmerizing, darting from dark, atmospheric pieces to bursts of pure experimentation. Influenced by giants like Psychic TV and Nurse With Wound, the album is a journey through abstract, ambient landscapes, offering a cinematic and sometimes liturgical experience.

Set to release on March 11, 2024, “Sexy Jazz Night” promises a blend of electronic noise and experimental jazz that’s not just heard, but felt. Keep an eye out for this one, especially if your ears lean towards the avant-garde.

Ipecac Recordings just dropped a bomb with the announcement of DÄLEK’s seminal album, “Negro Necro Nekros,” hitting the shelves and airwaves again.

DÄLEK, diving deep into their archives, unearthed some raw, uncut jewels from the “NNN” sessions, including a handful of instrumentals, a remix, micro cassette recordings that peel back the curtain on the Sweetwood Sound sessions, and even a freshly recorded track for this special release.

In a reunion of sonic forces, Oktopus and DÄLEK collaborated with Alan Douches at West West Side Music in 2023 to remaster the album, ensuring that its rebirth is exactly as the original duo envisioned. This reissue isn’t just about bringing back the old; it’s complemented with striking new artwork by Mikel Elam & Paul Romano and an insightful essay by John Morrison, diving into the album’s legacy and DÄLEK’s foundational years.

SEDIBUS, the collaborative project between The Orb’s Alex Paterson and original member Andy Falconer, is set to release an enthralling new album, “SETI,” through Paterson’s Orbscure Recordings on February 23rd.

his album marks a continuation of the duo’s journey following their debut, “The Heavens,” from 2021, and delves deeper into their ambient roots. Falconer, known for his work on The Orb’s seminal “Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld,” brings his ambient expertise back into play, creating a record that Paterson describes as “musical ambience” rather than the more common “drone ambience.” The title “SETI,” which stands for Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, cleverly doubles as a nod to relaxation and comfort, encapsulated in the album’s “Three Piece Suite.”

From Falconer’s studio in Portugal, he reflects on the creative synergy with Paterson, emphasizing their shared musical evolution and the desire to explore new territories while maintaining a connection to their debut’s sound. The inclusion of acoustic instruments, both in their natural and processed forms, signifies the duo’s ambition to push their ambient soundscapes into new realms.

Fiadh Productions has unveiled a compelling new auditory experience with the release of “Line of Flight” by DEEP FADE.

This project is a collaborative effort by seasoned artists Amanda Votta, Grey Malkin, and Neddal Ayad, who are no strangers to the realms of experimental and atmospheric music, having been involved in projects like The Floating World, The Spectral Light, The Hare and The Moon, Uath, the goslings, and others. “Line of Flight” emerges as a profound exploration of memory, place, and transformation, engaging listeners with its ritual noise that navigates the intricate landscape of our changing perceptions and the spaces they inhabit.

Released on February 23, 2024, this album is a deep dive into the concept of paramnesia, where the familiar becomes estranged through the prism of time and alteration, reflecting a destabilizing journey through the echoes of altered memories. The soundscapes crafted by Deep Fade are rich with elements of industrial, experimental, noise, minimalism, and electronics, creating an atmosphere that is as unsettling as it is mesmerizing.

Wanderer unleashes “Indulgence Remixed,” a groundbreaking remix album, where five electronic artists reinterpret tracks from “Indulgence of the Unreal.”

Each artist, armed with the original stems, infuses their unique electronic flair into the project, resulting in a diverse and riveting soundscape.

Released on February 24, 2024, the album features remixes like the intense “Pure Human Despair” by Seb Alvarez and the haunting “Slow Death of the Crowned Head” by Candace Newmaker featuring Altfather. With tracks masterfully remastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone and original artwork by Azeta Azadpour, given a fresh twist by Morgan Carpenter, “Indulgence Remixed” stands as a testament to Wanderer’s experimental edge.

WILL LAUT, a novel collaboration between avant-garde sound maestro COH and vocalist William Laut, announces their debut self-titled EP, blending atmospheric ambient pop with haunting noir minimalism and electronic chanson.

Drawing inspiration from COH’s previous ventures with luminaries like John Balance (Coil) and Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle), the EP promises a sonic journey through minimalist rhythms and evocative vocals. Set for digital release on April 16, 2024, via wavetrap, the project, conceived across studios in Los Angeles and Paris, teases with the single ‘Not The Day,’ showcasing a rich tapestry of ambient soundscapes and crooner vocals ahead of a full album expected later in the year.

Nefarious Industries commemorates its 100th catalog release with the unveiling of NEF100: Burn After Hearing, a compilation LP featuring fourteen exclusive tracks from its diverse roster.

Among the highlights is GRIDFAILURE’s latest single and accompanying video, “Blades and Arson Instead,” directed by David Brenner, which delves into the concept of vengeance and the methodology behind the song’s title, reflecting the label’s penchant for pushing boundaries in the sonic landscape.

R.Y.F., also known as Italian artist Francesca Morello, unveils “Lies,” the second single from her upcoming album “Deep Dark Blue,” set to release on April 5th, 2024, via Bronson Recordings.

The single, available on all digital platforms, exudes an irresistible electroclash vibe, blending dance-punk rhythms, fluorescent pop melodies, and irreverent lyrics. Featuring contributions from Matteo Vallicelli on synthesizers, “Lies” addresses suffering with a smile, embracing a fun-filled attitude.

The accompanying music video, directed by Silvia Maggi, captures themes of body positivity and sex positivity, aligning with the playful yet profound essence of the song’s lyrics.

Beans, formerly of Anti Pop Consortium, collaborates with Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti for the release of their new album “ZWAARD” on March 13th via Tygr Rawwk imprint.

The album, a fusion of abstract rap and minimalist dub electronics, showcases Beans’ relentless lyricism and Ripatti’s hos

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