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Budapest atmopsheric post punk act CHOKE CITY winds up with one of the strongest debuts this year; listen to “Danger”!

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With members active in local underground for decades,, CHOKE CITY comes as a fresh breath of air in the world of dark pop infused atmospheric indie post punk. Their debut track “Danger” packs in an album’s worth of ideas and suggests CHOKE CITY could go on to become something really special. Today, we’re giving you their debut music video directed by Rudolf Szilágyi and Dávid Czirók.

The band was originally the creative outlet of Barnabás Kiss (ex-Chief Rebel Angel/Polly Is Dead) and Richárd Géczi (ex-Plastic Bitch), but quickly became a full band with long time friends Gáspár Binder (Haw/Torn From Earth) and Szabolcs Szűcs (ex-Superbutt).

Debut single ‘Danger’ will be available exclusively on Choke City’s Bandcamp page, along with the second single ‘Spellbound’ set to be released on 11th June. The remaining two songs (Breath Catcher, Gloom), thus the whole release (Choke City (EP)) will be available from 18th June on the band’s Bandcamp and in the usual digital music stores.

Choke City
Choke City (EP) cover by Bálint Szollár / thisaimlessendeavor


Physical copies of the EP will be out in July on vinyl and cassette.

Choke City is: Gáspár Binder: Drums, Richárd Géczi: Vocals, Barnabás Kiss: Guitars, Szabolcs Szűcs: Bass

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