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POWERWOLVES streaming a new track from the H.E.L.L. compilation, due out February

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POWERWOLVES are streaming their new song called “No God, Know Peace”.

The band comments:

We are now streaming an exclusive track that will be available on the H.E.L.L. Compilation being put out by Get Stoked Records.

Pre-order it here.

See the H.E.L.L. teaser below:

Hate5six about the compilation:

In 2007, Gordon Riker & Kelly Wallace both tragically passed away in bike accidents in Boston, MA. Shortly after, friends of their’s started a non-profit organization titled H.E.L.L. (Helping Everyone Live Longer). H.E.L.L. is a DIY group that primarily operates in Boston’s punk and hardcore scene that both Gordon and Kelly were heavily involved in. H.E.L.L.’s main goal is to give out free helmets from donations while raising bike safety awareness. You can learn more about H.E.L.L. at

For the last year, we’ve been working on a compilation to help raise money and awareness for H.E.L.L. This compilation features songs and artwork from Gordon and Kelly’s friends, family, and favorite bands, as well as a few others who have lost someone close to them. Contributions are not just primarily from the Greater Boston area, but also Florida, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Quẽbec. All proceeds from this compilation will go directly to helping keep H.E.L.L. alive.

The compilation includes NEW, EXCLUSIVE, and UNRELEASED songs from 108, Alanna (ex-Medicated Kisses), Jason Anderson, Attica! Attica (ex-Marathon/De La Hoya), Battle!, The Faux, The First Annual (ex-Guns Up!), Fly Upright Kite, Form & File, Foxfires (ex-Last Lights/Four Year Strong), Give and Take (ex-Battle!), Hunger (ex-Unrestrained/Crucial Times), Late Nite Wars, Life & Limb (ex-Maintain), Brian Marquis (ex-Therefore I Am), Our Lives (members of Vanna/Always & Forever), Powerwolves, Roadrage, Oscar Albis Rodriguez (of Ghost Robot Ninja Bear/ex-Nakatomi Plaza), Peter Long, Ten Thirty Nine, Undark and the Radium Girls, Vanna, Wrong Body (ex-A Loss for Words), yellowbirddd (ex-Fly Upright Kite), and rare songs from Converge, Paint it Black, Four Year Strong, and Freezepop.

It also includes songs from A Loss for Words, Actor | Observer, Alive & Well, Autochrome, Bike to the Future, Born Without Bones (ex-Therefore I Am), Bullshit Tradition (ex-Unrestrained), Darkwoods, Casey Desmond, DJ Flack, Dreamtigers (members of Defeater, ex-Ambitions), Early Morning Blues (ex-Boys Like Girls/Therefore I Am/Lions Lions), The End All Marathon, Fresh Aire, Ghost Thrower (ex-Therefore I Am), Giant Target, Gone Bad, GraveRobbers (members of Roadrage, ex-Have Heart), Harvest Escaper, Phill Hunt, Last Excuse, Lie Captive, Lions Lions, Luau, Lucy Grace, Man Overboard, No Submission (ex-Crucial Times), Sounds Like Funeral Music (ex-Francine…And Hey Ruby Slippers), The Stereo State, Street Sweeper, Think Again, Tightrope, The Tower and The Fool (ex-Therefore I Am / Hot Rod Circuit), Transit, Trapper Keeper, Van Khai Truong, Unrestrained, Valencourt, Villain, Wolf Whistle (ex-XFilesX, Have Heart), and Yale, Massachusetts. 

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