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Pre-festival interrogation: Damaged City Fest 2018

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When it comes to DIY punk festivals, there are certain traditions we have to uphold here on IDIOTEQ, and there’s no way we could miss another conversation with Damaged City’s organizer Chris Moore! We caught up last year and back in 2016 (witch Nick Candela of COKE BUST, SECTARIAN VIOLENCE, SEM HASTRO, and more), and now we’re giving you some insights on this year’s edition! See the full interview below.

We have watched Damaged City grow from a small first event in 2013 to a lot larger music, art, and community event that’s bringing loads of great artists to Washington, D.C. This year’s edition will be taking place April 5-8, 2018, with LIMP WRIST playing their first DC show in 12 years, TURNSTILE hosting their new record release show, Texas’ RADIOACTIVITY (Jeff Burke from THE MARKED MEN) flying to DC just to play the fest, OPEN YOUR EYES (mem of Give, Rival Mob, Protester, etc!), UK’s THE FLEX, and loads of amazing acts doing their thing at The Black Cat and All Souls Unitarian Church venues! Main show tickets are almost gone, so get them while you can! GO HERE to purchase and head over HERE to see the full schedule.

Damaged City

Chris, thanks for joining us once again on such short notice. Damaged City and your other work have a strong role in supporting the punk scene in your area. What is this amazing fest succeeding at doing for the community? Tell us about the feedback you’ve received and how you’re using it.

Hey! Thanks for your support! Im not really sure what the community impact the fest has had but I will say that its sparked a much needed energy into the DC punk scene.

How would you compare this year’s edition to the initial 2013 party at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church?

Its honestly more of the same. We try and get bands that haven’t played here before, not very often, and a bunch of DC stuff. This year is one of my favorites though.

What are some things you credit for this growth?

I think there is a good momentum in the current punk scene. I also think that there are people who come to DC fest every year and its becoming just something people do and look forward to which is cool.

Damaged City

What are some of your personal highlights in this year’s edition?

Limp Wrist, Radioactivity, Rixe, Warthog, Blacksage, LOTION, so many!

There’s just a handful of non-American bands on the bill. Is this a conscious effort when you go into planning lineup?

We try and get as many bands from out of the country as possible. Just sometimes its not possible because of financial reasons. Our current government has also made things harder for foreign bands to play here.

Apart from the shows, please tell us what can we expect from this year’s art show.

It will take place in this cool warehouse spot called Hole in the Sky. Sarah O’ Donoghue who is a local Dc artist organizes the art show every year and really busts her as to put it together. So much cool shit. Last year we lost the art gallery where we were going to do it and she did it inside of a box truck! It was so fucking cool!

Ok, so lastly, how is the punk scene in DC a.d. 2018?

Its great. Tons of good bands, lots of young kids.

Any young blood artists and worthy initiatives you’d like to share and recommend before you go?

Kohei Urakami who sings from Rashomon is a great artist. He did a few of the DCF flyers as well. Dilek Baykara, Farrah Skeiky, and KC oden to name a few!

Cool, thanks so much! Good luck for the fest, have a great time, and take care! Cheers from Warsaw!

Thanks man!!!!

FURY live at Damaged City Fest 2017, by Angela Owens
FURY live at Damaged City Fest 2017, by Angela Owens

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