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PRESHRUNK studio video!

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PRESHRUNK, a Polish metal/hardcore band formed in 1999, spent 3 days in the studio recording their new tunes. Details and new songs shall be available shortly.


Preshrunk was officially established in 1999. The band founders were: Kozioł (bass), Kaczmar (drums), Falens Jr. (guitar) and Wieloryb (vocals). The band’s first album titled ‘The Last Chance’ was released in 2001. The group, encouraged by the positive feedback and propositions of concerts, recorded the second album ‘Fingers Crossed’ (2003). This album, more thoughtful and better executed, resulted in numerous concerts and in recording a professional video clip, which today is considered as one of the best clips delivered to Polish hardcore scene. Their latest album, ‘Za Ilę Się Sprzedasz?’ (2007) released by Spook records, appeared in contrast to the earlier albums-in Polish language version. After its release the band had changes in lineup. Initially, Wieloryb left the band and was replaced by Lucas. A year later Jr left the band and was replaced by his older brother-Falens. This has slowed the band a little but did not stopped them. In 2009, with a new vocalist and a guitarist, the band played successful concerts and is currently finishing the preparation of material for another album. Preshrunk has been faithfull to classic hardcore style with a bow in the direction of oldschool, which brings energy that the band presents on stage

preshrunk 2

preshrunk 3

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