Introducing: Providence powerviolent hardcore act WORST DAYS

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Since the election of Mr. Donald T., all kinds of independent media have been speculating whether punk rock, hardcore and other rebel-friendly communities are due for a resurgence to fight against the controversial leader and his beliefs and policies. The Trump presidency has already motivated the formation of many inspiring bands, but it has also influenced a bunch of existing artist to write and release more music focusing on the current social and political happenings. The lyrical content of “Separation Anxiety”, the newest record from Providence screamo/powerviolence tinged chaotic hardcore band WORST DAYS, is partly based on the grim process of disintegrating American infrastructure and oscillates into the domains of sorrow, apathy, and almost nihilism throughout its massive tunes.

WORST DAYS released their debut demo recording in 2015 via Riotous Outburst Records. Their first EP “Separation Anxiety” hit the streets one year later on the same label. The band features members of ASK THE DEAD, TERROR EYES, DAVID CARRADINE and FEEDBACK PSYCHOSIS.

Hi there buddies! How are you? How’s Providence doing this fine warm winter ? :)

Hello Karol! I’m not doing bad at all, thanks for asking! Providence is currently FREEZING. It snowed just a little bit last night but not enough for it to stick around. Personally, I used to be one to love the winter and it’s chilling effects but this year seems like temperatures might be pushed to the extreme! It’s definitely time to bundle up!

Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean. In Warsaw we’re still balancing around 0 Celsius, which basically means thousands of infections. I’ve been knocked down by flu last week and can’t get better since then.

Alright, so let’s start off with a cliché intro and simply introduce yourself to our readers. How did you guys gravitate towards chaotic hardcore and screamo, and what experience have led you to forming WORST DAYS?

Oh jeez! That sounds awful, hopefully you recover soon from that!

WORST DAYS started off as the brain child of Alan Hague (guitarist) and Josh Marsie (bassist). Both Alan and Josh had been writing songs for almost a year together, looking to form a 90’s influenced street punk band. Around September of 2015, Chris Matherly (drummer) was recruited and later that month I (Matthew Morales) was added to the line up as vocalist.

For me, chaotic hardcore and screamo has always been a major influence in any band I’ve ever been apart of. My roots lay with CONVERGE, BOTCH, PG. 99, ORCHID, and SAETIA.

I know for the rest of the guys in WORST DAYS, their roots lay with a lot of old school punk, grind and hardcore like GISM, DISCHARGE, INFEST, REPULSION and NAPALM DEATH, just to name a few.


What’s the Providence hardcore music scene like?

The Pvd hardcore scene is definitely alive and well. We have some iconic bands that make people think providence, like: DROPDEAD, DAUGHTERS, LIGHTENING BOLT, etc.

Providence has always yielded a killer noise and punk scene. As of right now I can think of a bunch of newer hardcore/screamo/punk bands that are slowly breaking the ice, like: IMPLOSION CRUSADE, CRIPPLED BEGGAR, HAIRSPRAY QUEEN, just to name a few.

Apart from your local scene, are there any new exciting bands you discovered this year? Also, what’s the last record you purchased?

For sure! 2016 definitely produced some awesome bands. One that really sticks out for me right now is Elle from California. Super abbrasive, yet pretty emoviolence. Not sure if NEPUGIA from Chile formed this year or not but I recently discovered them last week and they’ve been on the top of my playlists.

As for the most recent records I have bought, I’d have to say WAIFLE/PG. 99 12″ split and the SNOWING/ALGERNON/1994!/BOYS AND SEX 7″ split.

Awesome! I’m interviewing NEPUGIA and 4 other bands for our new 5-way interview as we speak, haha! :)

Ok guys, so back to your new record, did you intend your latest EP to be kind of a winter of our discontent of the current happenings, especially considering the rising insecurity and the risk presented by your new government? Do your lyrics hint at despair or is there a more positive attitude not far behind? Please tell us about the content of your lyrics.

In the wake of a tangerine hued umpalumpa being elected as the American president, I do feel for my friends and acquaintances who are effected one way or another by the ignorance and bigotry fueled president elect. With that being said, I can say that a couple of our songs do focus around the president elect and the crumbling of the American infrastructure. “Separation Anxiety”, the second track on the album, attacks the political views and hopeful achievements of President Trump. “You look so different, I look different. Let’s build a barrier, I want to stay separated.” Our fourth track, “Feeble Minds” deals with the idea that our political officials believe they can control us via the media and pop culture. What they don’t know is, we are on to them and we’re coming for them and for positive change. ” I own your thoughts. We are feeble minds driven by passion. We’ll never stop, we’re coming like a storm.”


Do you see a rise in punk related communities since November? How does this new political situation look and feel from the inside?

I do see a rise in local LGBTQ and punk communities here in Providence. Nothing more intense than what it used to be, everyone just seems to be a lot more connected and in support of each other.

Ok Matthew, so what else? What can we expect from WORST DAYS in 2017? What’s next for you guys?

WORST DAYS has a lot planned for 2017, and were super excited for it! We’re working on a couple splits looking to be released by late spring. In March we are headed down to Texas for SXSW. In June we are headed to Canada for a weekend and playing Zegema Beach Beach Records Fest. And to top the summer off, we’re headed to Europe in July to play Fluff Fest in the Czech Republic and for a couple weeks of shows around the continent.

First time in Europe?

It is our first time as a band. Although most of us have visited on our own accord.

What were your first associations with Europe and how did they change when you finally experienced it firsthand?

My connection with Europe stems back to my family. My grandparents were born and raised in Portugal. My grandfather was part of the Portuguese army and stationed in Angola during their war for independence. The war got pretty bad so they moved to the United State. The first time I ever visited Portugal to see family was back in 1998, so I was about 7. I had my ideas of what the country would be like, but I was completely wrong. I quickly fell in love with the lifestyle associated with these families living in super rural towns. I think my favorite thing about Europe is it’s immense history, the rise and fall of so many influential societies and cultures.

Alright Matthew, thanks so much for your time. Let’s wrap it up with some final words about your plans with WORST DAYS for 2017. Thanks again! Take care!

Thanks a bunch Karol, this has been fun. WORST DAYS has a bunch of exciting plans for 2017. We will be releasing a number of splits, touring Canada and touring Europe. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open!


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